Power to women: Beyoncé calls Madonna for ‘Break my soul’

The publication of the new album by Beyoncé, Renaissancereleased on 29 July, was troubled: between official dates violated when the work arrived on the Net a day earlier than expected – on 28 July – the controversies related to the use of words challenged by the handicapped (‘space’, ‘ spastico ‘) and unauthorized samplings – sections of a piece by Kelis – everything seemed to go wrong.

Beyoncé, the wrath of the fans: the embargo for the new album ‘Renaissance’ broke

by Giovanni Gagliardi

Yet today we return to talk about the highly anticipated seventh studio album of the Houston singer: after the problems, in fact, an unexpected and explosive alliance arrives: the one with Madonna. The voices of the two ‘queens of pop’ appear together in a remix version of Break my soulthe single he anticipated Renaissance.

Beyoncé, the new album ‘Renaissance’ between controversy and trouble. And Monica Lewinsky also has her say about her

by Giovanni Gagliardi

The ‘duet’, however, is one of the particular ones: the voice of the ‘Material girl’ is taken from a recording of Mrs. Ciccone over thirty years ago: a fragment of Voguestratospheric hit of Madonna of 1990, it was sampled in song. At this point, hopefully Madonna does not resent as he did Keliswho did not authorize the sampling of his Milkshake.

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