Music. They celebrate the projection of urban flow on the stave

To celebrate the start of operations of the new Amazon Music proposal, “El Genre”, the most representative artists of the urban genre faced each other on a basketball court in Puerto Rico.


So for a moment they left their flow and jumped onto the court to grab the ball and give their best passes and shots towards the basket. In The Game All Star Game they exuded passion and enthusiasm, cAs they also did when talking about the new story that Amazon Music begins, through the initiative that highlights the new songs, programming and editorial content of the urban genre.

The platform seeks to highlight the diversity and globalization of the genre that includes all rhythms such as trap, reggaeton, dembow, hip hop, drill, r&b, among many more. The initiative kicked off with a new Amazon Original titled “Toc Toc”, by Argentinean Paulo Londra and producer Timbaland; in addition to “The GOAT Debate”, a video that invites fans to talk about the best exponents of the genre, with this it seeks to honor the urban roots and celebrate the phenomenon it has become.

With singers, DJs and music producers like Lenny Tavarez, Dimelo Flow, Robi, Cauty, Tainy, Kris Floyd, Juhn, Alejo, Young Miko, Guaynna, among other artists; I start the party on the floor.


“The important thing is to get together, it is something that characterizes us as a genre, we help each other, we share ideas, music; being hand in hand and collaborating with Bad Bunny, one of the greatest in the world; being able to share together and not feel pressure when making music because we are free”, highlighted the producer.

And he added: “It is a means of communication, we are the platform to take messages to where perhaps both artists and those who listen to us identify, to reach certain countries, talk about social issues and leave a positive message; That always makes me so proud of the genre,” said Tainy, who was also nominated for a Grammy for Cardi B’s “I Like It Like That.”

music that unites

Lex Borrero, musical and television producer and founder, together with Tainy, of Neón 16, He highlighted that the urban genre is not only for dancing and having a “tasty” time, but also to generate awareness through its lyrics, since they touch on issues of protest and social movements.

“The genre touches points of culture skills, diversity in music, content; it’s always going to have that kind of impact because it resonates with everything that’s going on right now; I think that’s why the urban scene is having the success it has now, it’s not a talent, it’s because of the artists; because there are many people who have beautiful voices, but they have nothing to say and the urban comes from the street, from dreaming, from doing something impossible and that works for everyone”, Borrero mentioned.

Guaynaa referred to the origins of reggaeton: “It comes from salsa, from that change of era; salsa became romanticized and ceased to be from the street, they began to look for other things; In those times it was reggaeton that began with confrontational lyrics, of wars dividing sides. Over time we identify that in the union is strength and they have become great; we are the most consumed music in the world”.


Amazon Music’s commitment

The new initiative “El Genre” includes new music, Amazon Originals programming, which is made up of videos and a
Editorial content was created featuring the best voices of reggaeton, dembow, dancehall, hip-hop, r&b, urban, champeta, guaracha and many more rhythms, which is now available on Amazon Music. 


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