MTV inaugurates the “Best Metaverse Performance”, nominated Ariana Grande!

mtv inaugurates best metaverse performance

The advent of the Metaverse has brought great changes everywhere, including the music industry. Precisely in this sense, MTV last Tuesday announced the birth of a new category of awards for the growing number of musicians who have organized concerts within video games: the Best Metaverse Performance.

The next MTV Video Music Awards 2022 will be the company’s first show to have this new category. The candidates are:

  • Ariana Grande – Rift Tour, Fortnite
  • BLACKPINK – The Virtual, PUBG Mobile
  • BTS – Minecraft
  • Charli XCX – Roblox
  • Justin Bieber – An Interactive Virtual Experience, Wave
  • Twenty One Pilots – Concert Experience, Roblox

The winner will be announced during the next VMAs to be held in August.


While many may think this is a trend that is destined to lose popularity in the future, things don’t seem like that at the moment. These “digital concertsIn fact, they enjoy enormous popularity among the gamer audience. Just think about the concert held by Travis Scott on Fortnite: Epic Games’ game recorded over 12.3 million concurrently active players during the Astronomic Tour. The success is even greater if you check YouTube: on the platform the event has exceeded 190 million views.

Fortnite is one of the games that hosts the largest number of these events. After the success of Travis Scott it is time for many other popular artists. Among these we can remember i BTS, Ariana Grande with her Rift Tour and Marshmello. Regardless of the artist, each of these concerts attracts thousands and thousands of players every time, testifying to the fact that there is a lot of interest in this new type of event.

Did you know that Italy has also carved out a small space within the game? The catchphrase “Chills“By Mahmood and Blanco has in fact been added to the radio station”Power Play”And if you are lucky enough he will accompany you in your attempt to achieve the Royal Victory.

But let’s get back to the MTV Music Awards now. By visiting the official page, interested parties will be able to vote for their favorite artists. There will be 16 categories in the competition, including the new one Best Metaverse Performance and in each of them 10 votes can be assigned.

Now the word is up to you. Have you attended one of the competing events of this new category of the MTV Music Awards? Please let us know by leaving a comment!

Sources: The Hill, MTV

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