Movies to watch after the premiere of Persuasion on Netflix

Two weeks ago, Netflix premiered a new adaptation of Persuasion, the book by Jane Austen, another hit on the platform.

The protagonist of the film is the hypnotic Dakota Johnson, who puts herself in the shoes of Anne Elliot. She is joined by Cosmo Jarvis as Frederick Wentworth and Henry Golding as the girl’s father, Mr Elliot.

This version is not a classic adaptation of the novel. Director Carrie Cracknell’s Anne is funny and incisive and does something that traditionalists don’t always appreciate: she breaks the fourth wall, that is, she looks straight into the camera and speaks to the viewer.

If we focus on the locker roomreminds us of one of the last great successes of Netflix, The Bridgertons. The film bets on the ‘regencycore’ trend, which departs from the more traditional style of the time through the use of strong colours, plunging necklines and vivid prints. It is worthy of admiration.

In order not to leave you wanting more Jane Austen, in this note we propose four movies based on his books that are available for streaming.

Some more attached to literary characters and others with freer versions, they are great films to watch one after the other during the weekend.

Netflix: Tension and Romance in Pride and Prejudice

Yes pride and prejudicepublished in 1813, It can be considered a classic of literature, the film directed by Joe Wright released in 2005 is a classic of romantic cinema. the british Keira Knightley plays young Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfadyen is the content Mr. Darcy.

Independent and passionate, Lizzie lives with her parents and four sisters in a rural house with fewer and fewer resources. While her father (Donald Sutherland) is more permissive, her mother (Brenda Blethyn) is a woman with little social sense always worried about marrying off her daughters.

When Mr. Charles Bingley (Simon Woods), a shy, wealthy young bachelor, moves into a neighboring mansion for the summer, the Bennet sisters eagerly await invitations to his parties. Joining him are his sister Caroline and his best friend, Mr. Darcy, a young man of few words who will both annoy and charm the incisive Lizzie.

Beautiful landscapes, period dresses and a tension between the protagonists that is drawn in each gesture make Pride and Prejudice an excellent film to fall in love with from the armchair at home. watch her on Netflix.

If you’re left wanting more, you can always look up the BBC miniseries of the same name.released in 1995 and starring a very young Colin Firth.

Or the film Pride, Prejudice and Vampires, also on Netflixa daring adaptation in which Lizzie is an expert in martial arts.

Sense and Sensibility, also on Netflix

Premiered in 1995, sanity and feelings is another great Jane Austen book turned into an iconic movie.

The address is from ang lee and the script belongs to the protagonist of the film, emma thompsonwhich that year won the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

It is an entertaining film and also a great opportunity to see a cast of impeccable artists..

Some already consecrated at that time, like Thompson herself, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman, and others on the rise, like Kate Winslet.

The story faces two ways of seeing life. One is that of Elinor Dashwood, a pragmatic and sensible young woman, and the other, meanwhile, is that of her sister Marianne, passionate and stubborn.

As in Pride and Prejudice, love is mixed with what should be and the great obstacles faced by the women of the time when making momentous decisions. Available in Netflix.

Emma with Anya Taylor-Joy

emma it is more than a comedy, it is a brilliant satire of social classes. In the 2020 adaptation, Anya Taylor-Joy plays a smart, beautiful and wealthy Emma Woodhouse, who spends her time being a matchmaker for her new friend Harriet..

The young woman is a true “queen bee” with certain problems in reading people’s intentions.

The film, directed by Autumn de Wilde, is not afraid to laugh at the protagonist and her surroundings. In that sense, It is faithful to the original novel.

The result is a funny story, with excellent photography and a good rhythm. It is available on Google Play and Youtube Movies.

In the version released in 1996, who plays Emma is a young Gwyneth Paltrow. This time, director Douglas McGrath creates a somewhat more charming and naive antiheroine.

She is accompanied by renowned actors such as Alan Cumming, Ewan McGregor, Jeremy Northam and Toni Collette.

Clueless, a contemporary adaptation

Not all Jane Austen adaptations are period films. clueless (nineteen ninety five), An iconic teen comedy that millennials know well, it’s set in the late 20th century.

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is a teenager from a wealthy family who attends a prestigious college in Beverly Hills. Her father is a lawyer and her stepbrother Josh (Paul Rudd) works with him. Cher is spoiled, fashionista and quite naive. When young and shy Tai (Brittany Murphy) arrives at school, she and her friend Donnie (Stacey Dash) set out to change her look and turn her into a popular girl. Like Emma, ​​Cher thinks that love is not for her, but in reality, it is very close to her.

Available in Netflix, It’s a very entertaining movie It also stands out for being Britanny Murphy’s first feature film.

Of all the works mentioned, which one to see first? The order is definitely not relevant. The important thing is to know that each adaptation is a great film in itself and that, one after the other, they are marathon worthy.

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