More evidence of Sasha Banks’ return to WWE comes to light

After several months with a foot and a half out of WWE, multiple media outlets revealed earlier this week that the situation with Sasha Banks and Naomi has completely changed.

Apparently, the new management of the company would have reached an agreement with both fighters so that they make their return imminently, and in the last few hours, a new track in relation to the possible return of Sasha Banks.

During her time suspended from WWE, the former women’s champion immersed herself in different projects away from wrestling, including a flag football game with celebrities that would be held today, August 5.

Earlier this week, Banks was listed as Mercedes Varnado, however, the Los Angeles Rams posted a tweet yesterday with the updated roster, and she was removed from the cast.

Taking into account that she has been suddenly deleted from the team and just after the information was leaked that she had reached an agreement with WWE, this movement could be an indication that the rumors are true. Of course, at the moment it is just speculation, but several American portals have already echoed this curious change in the game.

In the tweet and in the image below you can see that Varnado has been eliminated from Team Donald One day to another.

It should be added, as a curiosity, that today, Sasha Banks has reposted from her Twitter account for the first time since his suspension, although he has done so with a message unrelated to wrestling.

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