Meet the mansion of ‘Hannah Montana’ of which Selena Gomez took over the kitchen

Selena Gomez will take over the kitchen of the ‘Hannah Montana’ house for a few weeks.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

the texan singer Selena Gomez30, has given much to talk about in recent hours after revealing new details of the next season of his reality show ‘Selena + Chef’which will be broadcast from August 18 on the HBO Max platform.

Beyond having given what to talk about the content of his program, Justin Bieber’s ex did it for the set where the broadcast was recorded, as it was a Malibu house which is well known within the Disney universe: that of ‘Hannah Montana’.

In the advances shown by the production, various corners can be seen that in the past were traveled by Miley Cyrusthe protagonist of the like series that aired between 2006 and 2011.

Among the spaces shown is the façade of the imposing two-story property, the living room and, of course, the kitchen, which is the space that we will see the most in each chapter.

How is the house where Selena Gomez recorded ‘Selena + Chef’?

The house of ‘Selena + Chef’, Tudor style and built in 1979, has an extension of 5,653 square feetwith seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

It also has a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, office, terrace, laundry room, garage for three vehicles, among other rooms.

Selena Gomez will take over the famous house of 'Hannah Montana' (Zillow) for a few weeks
Selena Gomez will take over the famous house of ‘Hannah Montana’ (Zillow) for a few weeks

The kitchen is quite spacious and open. It is equipped with white cabinets, high-end appliances, a bar, as well as a central island that works to prepare food, but also as a breakfast area for several diners.

The main bedroom, located on the ground floor, has space for a large bed, a desk and a living room. It is completed by a fireplace, a dressing room and a bathroom with a dressing table, a toilet and a walk-in shower.

Outside, on his lot 0.60 acresthe property, has a terrace and direct access to the beach, the pool being the great absentee of this very nice abode.

To see more images of the home where we will see Selena Gomez for a few weeks, click here.

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