Maverick’ becomes Tom Cruise’s best premiere

Top Gun: Maverick started off on the right foot at the intentional box office after a lengthy delay due to the pandemic. According to information from Los Angeles Timesthe sequel to the popular 1986 film grossed $260 million during its opening weekend ($109 million in the US alone). This impressive figure makes it the best premiere of a Tom Cruise movieeven pulverizing the numbers of any delivery of Mission Impossible.

Also, Top Gun: Maverick snatched the top spot at the box office from the very same Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which for several weeks held the top. It is normal, yes, that the new Marvel has given way to another feature film, since it has been showing in theaters since May 4 – a large part of its audience enjoyed it the first two weeks, as usual.

Prior to Top Gun: Maverick, the most successful debut in Tom Cruise’s career was War of the Worlds, which is based on the novel of the same name by HG Wells. This feature film entered 64 million dollars the first weekend. Therefore, this is the first time that a film by the American actor exceeds 100 million dollars at its premiere, which is not a minor issue.

Top Gun: Maverick stands out among superheroes

Top Gun: Maverick

Obviously, the box office receipts of Top Gun: Maverick They will continue to grow as the days go by. Although many expected a disappointing film for the simple fact of being a second part, the new Tom Cruise has generated quite positive opinions; both in the audience and in the specialized press. This situation will surely cause more people to go to the cinema to enjoy it. At the time of writing this post, he has a percentage of 96% in Rotten Tomatoes.

It is worth mentioning that Top Gun: Maverick It also entered the list of the most successful films released after the pandemic. The first place is still in possession of Spider-Man: No Way Home with 260 million dollars; they follow him Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Y batman, with 187 and 134 million, respectively. Do you notice something curious? Maverick It is the first film that, despite not being superheroes, climbs to such a high position.

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