MasterChef Celebrity contestant will perform with Selena Gomez

Karla Sofia Gascon is not only preparing to debut in Master Chef Celebrity as one of the 20 participants who will show exquisite dishes, but is also waiting to record a film with Selena Gomez.

Program July 13, 2022 Part 2 | MasterChef Celebrity participants

It’s about the movie Emilia Perez directed by Jacques Audiard, whose plot tells the

of a fugitive who, in order to escape the law, is forced to change his sex, but since he misses his children, ten years later he reappears as his aunt.

“We are preparing a wonderful film in Paris, in which fortunately I am starring with a director who has won the Palme d’Or on several occasions. There is production because we are also going to film in Mexico. Who I have as a partner is nothing more and nothing less than Selena Gomez and to Zoe Saldaña, I am amazed at her”, she told the Mexican press.

Production will begin in the fall with support Why Not Productions, Page 114 Y Pimentia Filmsin addition to the fact that the script is signed by Audiard himself along with his collaborator Thomas Bidegain.

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MasterChef Celebrity: When and what time to see the premiere?

When is the premiere of MasterChef Celebrity?

Master Chef Celebrity starts next Sunday, August 21 through our Azteca UNO signal. At 8:00 p.m. at night you will witness the 20 participants who will conquer the most famous cuisine in Mexico.

Daisy flower The Goddess of CumbiaArturo López Gavito, Lorena Herrera, Ernesto D’Alessio, Talina Fernández, Julio Camejo, Carmen Campuzano, Mauricio Mancera, Alejandra Ávalos, Alan Ibarra, Nadia López Ayuso, Carlos Eduardo Rico, Karla Sofía Gascón, Ricardo Peralta, Verónica Castillo, Francisco Gattorno, Macky González, Marcelo Lara, Alejandra Toussaint and Pedro Moreno will seek to win Master Chef Celebrity 2022.

Our dear Betty Vázquez, JoséRa Castillo and Pablo Albuerne will accompany all the participants in this great adventure, led by the always beautiful Tatiana.

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