Mark Wahlberg and his unknown criminal and racist record

There are stars that overlap all the time in some Hollywood productions. That, like the repeated figures on the packages, appear on the screen of the movies mainstream. But, many times, behind them, an unknown universe is hidden, which is hidden for some reason. A Mark Wahlberg that happens to him.

the actor of the infiltrators, Uncharted: Off the Map Y Transformers: Age of Extinction hides a violent past in which, on several occasions, he displayed a reprehensible face. With many episodes of angry outbursts and racist violence, he became imprisoned in a case in which He was charged with attempted murder.

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Mark Wahlberg’s adolescence: between street violence and drug trafficking

Mark Wahlberg was born on June 5, 1971 in a large Boston family: he is the youngest of nine children. The son of a Korean War veteran and a nursing assistant, he lived in dire need for many years.

As a kid, Wahlberg was one of the most difficult of the clan. At 14, he dropped out of high school. and began to commit petty crimes, such as theft or vandalism. The antisocial traits increased over time, until they were completely exposed.

Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark.  (Photo: Entertainment Tonight)
Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark. (Photo: Entertainment Tonight)

According to what the site specifies Today I Found ItWahlberg joined for two years of his adolescence to a gang that He dealt drugs in his neighborhood. In total, he had between 20 and 25 incidents, between assaults and episodes of street violence. In that period of his life, the actor He was addicted to cocaine.

One of the first court cases he faced, which leaked into the media over the years, was one in which the exacerbated racism that Wahlberg showed on the street intensified even more. According to the missing site Gwakerin 1986, the actor chased after several African-American boys.

Court testimony at the time indicated that Wahlberg and three friends they followed two brothers by bicycle surnamed Coleman who were walking down the street. While they insulted them, they threw stones at them shouting: “Kill the blacks.”

The next day, another event happened again. The then adolescent saw the brothers with his teacher and, on leaving school, he again threw a hail of stones at them. A student suffered some injuries and even an ambulance intervened.

Both Wahlberg and his friends were opened a legal case that was closed in an abbreviated trial “by consent”Although, in this case, he did not admit any guilt. He promised to “not attack, threaten, intimidate or harass” people because of their origins. Violation of this would lead to criminal charges, something that eventually happened.

The racist episodes that sent Mark Wahlberg to jail

His life took a darker turn when, two years later, was the protagonist of two reprehensible consecutive episodes on the street. Wahlberg broke a stick on the head of a man of Vietnamese origin and later hit another man of the same nationality in the eye. and without the mediation of any kind of prior situation.

The court document from the Massachusetts Superior Court published by the site The Smoking Gun cites that the event occurred on April 8, 1988, when Thanh Lam was crossing Dorchester Avenue at 998 with a case of beer in hand when Wahlberg hit him on the head.

Mark Wahlberg in the movie "boogie nights" (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Mark Wahlberg, in the movie “Boogie Nights” (Photo: Warner Bros.)

“You’re a fucking piece of shit from Vietnam” he yelled at him before snapping the five-foot wooden pole in his hand in two. The man was left unconscious on the ground and had to be taken to Boston Hospital.

After assaulting that victim, almost like a hunterHe went looking for another. With no idea what was happening a few blocks ahead, Hoa Trinh, another Vietnamese man, was standing on the corner of Dorchester Avenue and Pearl Street. “Wahlberg ran up to him, put his arm around his shoulder and said, ‘The police are coming, let me hide.’ After he passed a patrol, hit him in the eye and made him fall to the ground”, described the police report.

Far from regretting what he did, when the agents arrested him, his racial insults multiplied. “You don’t have to let me identify myself, I’m telling you that that’s the bastard whose head I broke,” he threw at the policemen by admitting that he was the one who had assaulted the victim.

Mark Wahlberg: between New Kids on The Block, rap and cinema

wahlberg passed 45 days in prison in the juvenile correctional facility Deer Islandaccused of attempted murder, although he had received a two-year sentence. When he came out, he said he in various interviews that “had changed”.

From that moment, he worked as a bricklayer for a while, until he began his artistic life thanks to one of his brothers. The origins of it were musical. First, he spent a short time in the boy band New Kids on The Block, the forerunner of many later groups, but left before it became successful. His brother Donnie was the one who triumphed there with name and surname.

By having a lot of leverage with producers, Donnie Wahlberg managed to boost his brother’s career smaller than he became Marky Mark And The Funky Buncha band with which he had relative success.

Mark Wahlberg in the movie "The end of the ages" (Photo: 20th Century)
Mark Wahlberg, in the movie “The End of Time” (Photo: 20th Century)

In the rap music shows he did, he always appeared shirtless and showing off his muscles. Her staging made him visible and thus he too was transformed in the model chosen by Calvin Klein in the early ’90s to show off her underwear. But the violence had not left her aside.

To the succession of racist acts, drug trafficking, robberies and street violence that he accumulated, another element was added: homophobia. The most serious thing was that he committed an act of this nature after he had already been tried and had apologized for all his past actions.

In 1993, Wahlberg gave a press conference in which admitted to committing racial crimes after the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence (CAAAV) and the organization Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) complained that a racist person was the image of a top-level brand like Calvin Klein.

The actor said that he promised to participate in an anti-racist advertising campaign in the future. Something that did not happen for another reason: from the non-governmental organizations they refused to do it because it transpired that Wahlberg, at a recent party, he had attacked a music producer with homophobic insults.

In the November 1993 GLAAD news report it was detailed that the plan to carry out an anti-racist television advertisement was dropped after it was learned that “the underwear poster boy” assaulted a record company executive.

Mark Wahlberg in the movie "Uncharted".  (Photo: Columbia)
Mark Wahlberg, in the movie “Uncharted”. (Photo: Columbia)

“The police report filed by the victim stated that the altercation began when Mark ‘began doing derogatory comments about homosexuals’. Warner Bros. confirmed that Mark was involved in a violent episode with Maverick Records executive Guy Oseary at a party on July 31 (1993),” the press release said.

Incredibly, instead of sinking, Wahlberg’s career was enhanced. The then rapper left music, started doing all the castings he could and dedicated himself to acting.

The first film that showed him closer to the luminaries of Hollywood was Angel and demontogether with a very young Reese Whiterspoon. But the film that catapulted him was boogie nightsof Paul Thomas Andersonin which he played a porn actor.

Mark Wahlberg in the movie "the infiltrators".  (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Mark Wahlberg, in the movie “The Departed”. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

From that moment, everything went up: Hollywood buried Wahlberg’s racism and made him a movie star.

In his jobs, he always alternated between action and comedyin a game of genres that had him all the time as a permanent figure of the mainstream. Planet of the Apes, Four brothers, Shooter, ted, Max Payne, spare cops Y The end of the ages they are just some of the best known films What did.

Also, over the years, he became a producer. Entourage, In Treatment, mcmillions Y Boardwalk Empire are just some of the series that creatively promoted with your agreement with HBO.

Despite the fact that in recent years, after the crime of george floydmany revived Wahlberg’s controversial past for a message he wrote on social networks, your professional life does not seem to have had a single consequence of his reprehensible actions.

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Far from those scandalous and unusually buried days, Wahlberg is preparing the promotional tour of interviews for the imminent premiere of Time for mewhich will be seen in streamingWith kevin hart. your face will be front again, repeated as one more figure.

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