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Not even 10 years have passed since we saw Margot Robbie shine for the first time in a great Hollywood success: “The Wolf of Wall Street” was the film that made her a movie star.

From that moment, the Australian positioned herself in the industry as one of the revelation actresses and her career was only on the rise, achieving roles in which she could develop the drama, but without neglecting the comedy, which is reflected in one of her most iconic roles, Harley Quinn.

This 2022 came busy for Robbie, who soon ventures to premiere “Amsterdam”, the film that marks David O’Russel’s return to cinema.

But without a doubt, Barbie is the role that has Margot through the roof, a role for which she received 12.5 million dollars and that positioned her as the highest paid female actress in Hollywood, of course, below 17 men.

margot robbie
Margot Robbie | Wikimedia Commons

Margot Robbie, from Pan am girl to Barbie

Margot Robbie’s career began to take on relevance in her native Australia, when she managed to make the role of Donna in “Neighbours” extend for more than one chapter.

However, Robbie wanted something more and decided that the United States would be the perfect place to achieve it, so he emigrated to work in the most competitive entertainment industry in the world.

He immediately achieved an important role, it was the series “Pan Am” that recreated the history of the crew members of the extinct airline of the same name. He worked with renowned industry actors such as Mike Vogel, David Harbor or Christina Ricci, with whom he also lived for a while, he told Jimmy Fallon.

Margot Robbie in Pan Am
Margot Robbie | Pan Am

Although the series only lasted one season and was cancelled, Robbie’s career was consecrated when Martin Scorsese cast her as Naomi Lapaglia in “The Wolf of Wall Street” alongside Leonardo Dicaprio. It was that role of hers that put her on the radar of Hollywood, from which she never came out again.

Then came only hits, “French Suit”, the film in which she met her husband, Tom Ackerley, “Focus: Masters of the Swindle” with Will Smith, “I, Tonya” which gave her her first Oscar nomination and Of course, playing Harley Quinn, the DC Comics villain who exploits her most comical and acrobatic side.

Although those are just a couple of projects that she has worked on since she made a place for herself in Hollywood, considering that since 2011 she has not stopped working tirelessly as an actress.

But not only that, in 2014 she decided together with her husband, Josey McNamara and her childhood friend Sophia Kerr to found “LuckyChap Entertainment”, her own production company with which she dared to carry out ambitious projects such as “Yo, Tonya”, “Birds of Prey” or “DollFace”.

The highest paid actress in Hollywood

Robbie’s career is exceptional, he managed to work on large productions, without neglecting independent projects.

But who would have thought that the girl who confessed on The Tonight Show that only a few years ago she took toilet paper from a friend’s hotel room, to take it home, would become the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.

Margot Robbie at Comicon
Drlovell | Wikimedia Commons

This is because for her performance in “Barbie”, the blonde managed to get paid 12.5 million dollars, a figure equivalent to more than 1,120 million Chilean pesos and that places her on the list of actors who charge the most for their work. .

The list was presented by Variety a few days ago, where it showed the 26 highest-paid actors in the industry, where there are only 5 women.

They are followed by Millie Bobby Brown, the star of “Stranger Things” who received 10 million dollars to play Enola Holmes again for Netlix, Emily Blunto who received 4 million dollars to participate in “Oppenheimer”, Jamie Lee Curtis who will receive 3 .5 million dollars for “Halloween Ends” and Anya Taylor-Joy who at the bottom of the list is left with 1.8 million dollars for participating in “Furiosa”.

The Australian actress is in the same place as her co-star in the film, Ryan Gosling, who was paid the same amount of money for his part in the film.

Robbie achieved his goal when he emigrated from Australia and told El País that “of course I’m ambitious. My career is my motivation. I came to the United States with a plan and I keep looking forward”, so it is expected that after 2022, he will shine and be able to charge much more for his work.

The pay gap

Although Margot Robbie is the highest paid actress of this 2022, there is a very important detail in the general list that Variety magazine provided.

The blonde is in position 17 on the list, headed by Tom Cruise, who is an exception to the rule with what he bills for his participation in “Mission Impossible” and his contracts with the studios for which he works, pocketing 100 million dollars to his account.

Margot Robbie in Barbie
Margot Robbie | Barbie

Then come actors like Will Smith, who despite the Oscar scandal, gets 35 million dollars to participate in “Emancipation” and then Leonardo Dicaprio, who will earn 30 million to be in “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

Added to the list are other stars such as Brad Pitt, Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrel, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Tom Hardy or Joaquin Phoenix, who will earn 20 million with “Joker 2”.

And although there are actresses with solid careers in the Hollywood industry, they do not reach the amounts charged by the leaders of the lists, which indicates that there is still a significant salary gap regarding the payment of women.

A practice that until a few years was normal, when even men who had secondary roles were paid more than the female protagonists, who took a large part of the work.

This situation was denounced by the “Time’s Up” movement, which counts among its most renowned members professionals such as Jennifer Lawrence, Patricia Arquette, Emma Watson, Diane Keaton, Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek, who raised this situation in favor of the entire gender. Infobae commented.

Margot Robbie returns to the origins

Margot became famous in Australia when she got the role of Donna, a teenager who was part of “Neighbours”, the Australian series in which she worked from 2008 to 2011.

The series, which managed to be on the air for 37 years, finished the recording of its last season in June of this year, a season in which Robbie will also be.

According to what The Hollywood Reporter reported, the Australian recorded her participation from Los Angeles, United States, and will join other stars who participated in the soap opera such as Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia and more.

The news was revealed by the production of the series through its Twitter account, where they indicate that the Oscar nominee returns to its origins for the farewell to the series.

These are signs that while Robbie is ambitious, she also remembers where she came from.

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