La Nación / James Franco will be Fidel Castro in the movie “Alina de Cuba”

The film “Alina de Cuba”, which will be directed by Miguel Bardem, will start shooting this August, since the main actors of the biopic about the Castros in Cuba in the 20th century have been confirmed. James Franco will star as Fidel Castro, while Ana Villafañe will be Alina Fernández, the out-of-wedlock daughter of the Cuban dictator.

The center of this film will be to talk about the “rebellious daughter” that Fidel had, and that she only found out who her real father was when she was 10 years old. Mía Maestro will also be a fundamental part of this story, since she will play Aline’s mother, Naty Revuelta.

The film will be filmed in various locations in Colombia, especially in Cartagena and Bogotá, since the idea is to be able to illustrate the colonial style of Havana in the Castro era of Cuba. The script belongs to the writer José Rivera, the same author of “Motorcycle Diaries” (life of Che Guevara).

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“From the beginning of the film, our focus has been to produce an artistic piece of modern Hispanic history, with the vision of the project to be truly inclusive through the union of actors and creatives of recent and intergenerational Latino roots from the US, Latin America and the world”, explained the creative producer of the film, John Martinez O’Felan.

It should be remembered that Franco returns to the tables after the legal problem in which he was involved in 2018, after being denounced for sexual exploitation and fraud by a group of acting students. James reached an agreement with those allegedly affected and gave US$2.2 million in compensation, despite the fact that he continues to deny the accusations.

Regarding the real protagonist, Alina, she said in conversation with CiberCuba that she hopes that this project will serve as a learning experience. “I would like people who can see this movie to have the feeling that they have learned something at the end,” she said.

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