Kylie Jenner: The chilling theory in which they point out that she died and was replaced by another woman

Celebrities in Hollywood have been the target of conspiracy theories, such as Kylie Jenner who due to the shocking physical change what he experienced during his adolescence unleashed strong speculation with which they point out that he died and was superseded by another woman to prevent his popularity from falling.

The clan kardashian jenner gains more and more visibility in the entertainment industry, something that gives them great power for which all kinds of assumptions related to their family and the take care of your imagelike the one that points to the Kylie’s death when he was still a teenager.

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According to the theory that went viral on TikTok, in 2012 Kylie Jenner began to gain fame and popularity both on social networks and in the industry, even more than her famous sister Kim Kardashian for whom her family rose to fame in a first moment.

Theory about the death of Kylie Jenner. Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner

However, the model and businesswoman suddenly disappeared of social networks in 2012 and just over a year later it came back with a completely different image and shocking changes that desired the theory of his deathas happened with the Avril Lavigne singer.

Kylie Jenner changes

The chilling theory details that the last photograph of the model was in 2012 when I was 15 years oldafter almost two years he reappeared with a factions very different for which he looked unrecognizable, as well as other details in his physique that generated doubts among his fans.

Kylie Jenner also reappeared with some tattoos in different parts of his body where there was nothing before, to this are added the changes in his face such as thicker lips and the tone of his voice that was more serious before, something that cannot change in less than two years.

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Some Internet users claim that Kylie Jenner would have submitted -motivated by her mother, Kris Jenner, despite his young age multiple surgeries on your face to improve your appearance, including the tone of your voice that well can change before the cameras.

In addition, the businesswoman has a scar on the leg since he was 5 years old as a result of a game afternoon with his sisters in which a sharp stick pierced his leg while trying to hide, something that is still there.


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