Kim Kardashian reveals her obsession with Johnny Depp

kim kardashian has earned one of the most important positions in the entertainment industry; However, their past follows her and revealed to have been obsessed with Johnny Depp in his youth.

Given the hurricane that continues to engulf Johnny Depp and his defamation suit against Amber Heardwho has already counterattacked the actor, an interview that Kim granted in 2020 has once again given something to talk about.

“I was obsessed with Johnny Depp when he was Teen“, said the controversial influencer to the Australian newspaper Daily Life.

“I thought he was very hot. He was gorgeous and had that streak of bad boyespecially when he was with winona ryder and then with Kate Moss. I loved looking at couples and wondering what attracted them to each other,” Kardashian confessed.

Johnny Depp stole Kim’s heart

“I didn’t like bad boys as a rule and I never liked party people, but I definitely I was attracted to Johnny Depp physically,” acknowledged the also businesswoman.

Although Kim Kardashian was married to the rapper kanye-west at that time, the couple broke up a while ago. Now, Kim maintains a relationship with the actor and comedian, Peter Davidson.

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