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Kim Kardashian revealed in the past few hours to her 328 million followers on Instagram that she had undergone a laser treatment for abdomen reduction after slimming to wear Marilyn Monroe dress. In the stories she showed a visibly flat stomach, but also quite red, commenting on the use of lasers with the words: “It’s painful but it’s worth it“.

Kim Kardashian and the drastic diet to get into Marilyn Monroe’s dress

“Whoever wants to look beautiful has to suffer,” says the famous popular saying. Kim Kardashian knows this well, she is no stranger to beauty treatments. The well-known face of TV has achieved success thanks to reality dedicated to his family, building a real empire over time, also through the launch of a clothing line and a make-up collection. She can be considered to all intents and purposes an entrepreneur, but many of her remember her above all for the red carpet breathtaking. Like the one last May, when the star showed off the famous golden dress with 6 thousand hand-sewn crystals worn by Marilyn Monroe to sing Happy Birthday Mr. President to John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1962.

To get into it, as he confessed, he needed to undergo a strenuous diet and an intensive fat-burning workout plan to lose. 7 kilos in three weeks. “I wore a sauna suit twice a day, I ran on Tapis Roulant, completely eliminated sugars and carbohydrates from the diet, and ate only vegetables and proteins ”, explained Kardashian, however not convincing those who criticized her for the bad example given in talking about extreme diets. On that occasion, the alleged damage to the dress, which had led the person concerned to reply: “I put on the dress at the beginning of the red carpet, I went up the stairs and maybe I kept it for three, four minutes, then I changed at the top of the stairs” . Statements confirmed by the museum Ripley Believe It or Not of Orlando, owner of the dress, who returned to exhibit it in its rooms immediately after the event.

Kim Kardashian and the flat stomach treatment

Now, on her Instagram profile, Kim Kardashian has admitted to having resorted, after weight loss, to a treatment to shrink the abdomen. In some stories she has in fact shown a visibly flat but rather reddened belly, explaining that she had undergone the Morpheus laser. It is about minimally invasive needle radiofrequency, useful for firming the skin of the face, neck, arms and all other parts of the body that tend to yield with age. The diva would have been so satisfied that she talked about it to her 368 million followers in these terms: “This is a turning point. I did the Morpheus laser to “tighten” my stomach. I think it’s my favorite laser: it’s painful but worth it“.

Also through the stories, Kardashian then reported irresults of a test you performed to measure your bone density and body fat percentage, revealing to now fall into the “category of athletes”. The tests, in fact, showed how she has significantly reduced her percentage of body fat, going from 25% to 18.8% in just over a year. IS a message a little out of the chorushis, at the moment, in which many web stars are carrying out a real campaign of body positivity, mainly based on the acceptance of curves and therefore against aesthetic violence. However, Kardashian is radiant, evidently at peace with herself, while many comments praise her and many, inevitably, criticize her.

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