Katy Perry goes crazy with a Mexican in Las Vegas: my precious (VIDEO)

A Mexican went to celebrate her bachelorette party and the same singer, Katy Perry, took her on stage.

Singer, Katy Perry during his concert in Las Vegas brought a Mexican woman on stage called Samantha Robleswho was surprised.

@samantharoblesv Katy Perry Play at Las Vegas #katyperry #lasvegas #play #fyp ♬ original sound – Samantha Robles

Via TikTok’s Samantha Robles V shared three videos in which he narrates how it was that perry he invited a young Mexican woman to dance on stage and in passing joked with her about marriage.

“Are you sure you want to get married?”

Singer, Katy Perry began to ask Vero her age, what she was doing in her concert and even the name of her future husband, who in order not to leave you with incomplete gossip, is called Patricio.

“How old are you?” Katy asked Vero.

“26”, he replied.

Immediately, perry asked her if she really wanted to get married because she, when she was his age, also contracted nuptials and things didn’t work out. (As a cultural tidbit, he was talking about comedian Russell Brand.)

“I also got married at 26 and I am no longer married. The second marriage is better,” Perry joked with the young Mexican.

After that talk, the interpreter of “Dark Horse” He put Vero and Daniel, another fan who was on stage, to compete.

Regardless of who won, the truth is that the farewell Vero’s bachelorette was incredible, so much so that if we don’t have one like that, we don’t want anything

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