Judge orders Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, to testify and present ‘surveillance’ records

After a 13-year judicial guardianship that ended in November 2021, Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spearsit was summoned to court in Los Angeles after being accused of fraudulent use of the ‘princess of pop’ assets during the time he was in charge of her finances, in addition to hire a company to supposedly monitor it through records of private conversations and up to a microphone in your room.

Judge Brenda Penny ordered Jamie – whom the singer accuses of spending $36 million from her job – to Submit before August 12 to provide his statement, in addition to showing the alleged records for which he is accused together with Tri Star Sports & Entertainment – an agency that received at least 18 million – and the Black Box security team.

In case the father of the interpreter of ‘Toxic’ was found guilty, could face jail time. Through an affidavit a few weeks ago, Jamie said the claims against him are false.

The arguments of the lawyer of Britney Spears

During the Los Angeles Superior Court hearing Mathew Rosengart asked on more than one occasion that the appointment her client did not come so as not to re-traumatize her remembering the period of control in his life since 2008.

“Do not sit down with a victim so that the perpetrator makes a statement,” argued Rosengart via Varietywho claimed there is no point in Britney testifying after Weingarten, Jamie’s attorney, submitted documents requesting his presence due to his posts on social media.

The defense of the newlywed affirmed that it is her father who controlled her movements, for which he is the one who has all the documents. “Mister. spears, if he loves his daughter, as he claims to profess, he should leave her alone and move on with his life, instead of continuing to litigate”, Rosengart told the assembled media.

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