Johnny Depp: who is the woman who accompanies him on his tour

Johnny Depp continues to tour Europe alongside the guitarist JeffBeck, with whom he has just released the blues and rock album 18, a title that refers to his youth. A few days ago, the actor gave a show at the Arena Santa Giuliana in Apulia, Italywhere he was captured in the backstage area accompanied by a young redhead.

The appearance of the actor in the company of said woman more than a month after the conclusion of his defamation trial against Amber Heard sparked rumors of a romance; however, the identity of the redhead was finally revealed and, therefore, the reason for her traveling alongside the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the images that circulate on social networks, you can see Johnny Depp get out of a white truck, followed by the woman, who wears black glasses and a very casual look. The 59-year-old actor helps the young woman with her backpack and later they continue on her way.

Johnny Depp

The identity of the woman who appears with Johnny Depp

Several days after the photographs were leaked, it was finally revealed that the red-haired woman is a french teacher who is advising and supporting Johnny Depp with the improvement of the language, this as part of his preparation for the new movie that is about to be shot, as confirmed by the media DailyMail.

According to the previously cited media, the woman is staying at the hotel Brufanithe same in which Depp is also staying, which led to the assumption from the beginning that he was indeed part of his work team.

Johnny Depp

And it is that although these photographs gave rise to the speculation of a new love for Johnny DeppThe truth is that although both were very smiling and happy, they were never seen affectionate or in a loving plan.

The reason why Johnny Depp is focused on mastering the French language is due to his signing for the film Jeanne DuBarry, in which he will play the protagonist of the story, none other than King Louis XV of France. The plot focuses on the story of Jeanne B├ęcu, a woman who grew up in an environment of poverty and ruin and who ended up being the lover of the monarch.

the movie will be directed and co-starring Maiwenn Le BescoFrench actress and filmmaker known for participating in films such as The professional, The fifth element either killer summer.


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