Johnny Depp is criticized for using incorrect pronouns

iO Tillett Wright could have been misunderstood by Johnny Depp during the trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, and this has generated criticism. Social network users also criticize the disparity in treatment between him and Lizzo.

Fans expressed their opinions on Twitter after the singer, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jeffersonwould release his most recent album, Special, on Friday, July 15.

the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean59, was criticized for misleading Wright seemingly without repercussions, but the 34-year-old singer was quick to remove a slur from her new song “Grrrls” in response to criticism.

He also apologized, saying he “never wanted to promote derogatory language.”

Johnny Depp went unpunished for his statements

In the video that is going viral online, you can see Depp stumbling over her words as she talks about Wright in the court.

“She was born female, if that’s the correct terminology these days,” he said. “She was born a woman, but she was, she had chosen, at a very young age, she decided that she was a man.”

“Funny how Lizzo used a slur in a song and had to instantly remove it because of the risk of being cancelled, and yet Johnny can get away with constantly mistaking iO and calling it a lesbian slur in a text message,” said one Twitter user.

Johnny Depp I confused the witness iO Tillet Wright for 2 minutes straight. iO is a trans man who testified that he saw Johnny beat up Amberanother tweeted.

“He referred to iO with the pronouns he used at the time they met and the time the events he is talking about occurred,” another user stated in defense of Depp.

Wrightco-host of the MTV show Suspect and activist, recently took to Instagram to address any misunderstandings regarding his pronouns, admitting that he doesn’t like the use of “they.”

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