John Cena thanks fans for appreciating his skin in Fortnite

Last week, the battle royale Fortnite had another one of his continuous collaborations. However, this time it is one of the most famous personalities of American wrestling. Former wrestler and actor John Cena now he has his own skin in the video game. The community completely loved this aesthetic set and now Cena himself shared a message of thanks for so much appreciation.

John Cena not only said he was grateful for the good reception of his skin, but also shared his interest in participating more in the game. “I am overwhelmed with the response from the Fortnite community and I am very grateful to have my skin in the game. I’m already looking for more ways to be involved. Thank you!’ wrote the former fighter. Given Cena’s response, fans are now asking for more interpreter character skins for him, such as Peacemaker.

Lately, Epic Games has had several collaborations with wrestling personalities. While the John Cena skin was released for Fortnite, an outfit inspired by the fighter also debuted in Fall Guys. The Undertaker. Definitely the developer does not stop implementing collaborations for their games and of all kinds.

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