Jennifer López, in Capri without Ben Affleck, resumes her concerts after her idyllic wedding and honeymoon

Jennifer López has put an end to her honeymoon and has moved to Capri to resume her professional commitments while Ben Affleck has done the same but in the United States

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck have spent some idyllic days in Paris. After celebrating their surprise wedding in Las Vegas, the couple traveled to the French capital to enjoy their honeymoon. But it’s time to get back to the routine. The actor, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, has already returned to California to continue with his professional commitments. In fact, Ben Affleck is already immersed in the filming of ‘Batman’. Meanwhile, the singer has resumed her concerts. And she has done it in Capri.

Rather than return to the United States, Jennifer López has headed to Capri to attend her last professional commitment. The singer has gone up on stage and once again has wasted strength and personality with her performance. Furthermore, it should be noted that his performance has been part of the UNICEF gala, an event with a charity purpose of which he has not hesitated to be part.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez during one of her performances.


How could it be otherwise, he has not left his style to improvisation. Jennifer, in the images of one of the rehearsals, has worn a most original outfit with animal print print. And after the concert, he has gone flat.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez during her walk through Capri.


Jennifer Lopez, after doing her job, has gone to a restaurant in Capri. He has done it in the best company. Although Ben Affleck is far from her, the one who has traveled with the artist has been her daughter, Emme de Ella. She was also in Paris during her honeymoon and now she wanted to witness her mother’s return to the stage after her wedding. And after work, he accompanied her to this dinner where Jennifer once again wore her best clothes. She has worn a look made up of a dress with an original print and glitter and some very original sandals.

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