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Those who love Jennifer Lopez should not miss the Netflix documentary dedicated to her: it is called ‘Jennifer Lopez: Halftime’ and comes out in streaming on Tuesday 14 June, promising a 360 ° portrait of the New York singer, dancer and actress, one of the great stars of contemporary showbiz.

The film sums up Lopez’s career using it as a center of gravity the show organized on the occasion of the interval of the Super Bowl 2019 , the one he kept next to Shakira. Starting from here, she goes back in time and tells a sort of awareness in a moment, the turning of 50 years of age (Lopez is from 1969) which represents an often negative watershed for women in the show business. Instead Lopez, born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, seems to be unstoppable in 2019: she takes the stage of the Super Bowl and gets enthusiastic reviews thanks to the interpretation of her provided in the film ‘The girls of Wall Street-Business Is Business’.

The director managed all this material Amanda Micheli nominated for an Oscar for the documentary short film ‘La corona’ (2008) and also appreciated for ‘Double Dare’ (about women who work as stunt doubles in the cinema) and ‘Cane e padrone’ (about the relationship between Americans and their dogs) .


‘Jennifer Lopez: Halftime’ premiered during the Tribeca Film Festival 2022: we therefore know the opinion of the present critics, which on average was positive. Summarizing the opinions expressed we can say that it is about a documentary siding with Jennifer Lopez , in the sense that everything contributes to offering an uplifting and optimistic portrait. Not that it is obligatory to reveal who knows what dark truths, but the feeling is, in fact, of something “in the service of”. See, for example, the extreme caution with which some hot topics in US politics and society are treated, first of all that of racism. But there are also moments of disarming sincerity and certainly several images that will delight fans.
Netflix subscribers and subscribers who want to see it only have to wait until June 14, the day of the streaming debut, and carve out just over 90 minutes of time: that’s how long the documentary lasts.

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