Jennifer Lopez destroyed Ben Affleck

The actor reunited with Jennifer Lopez, but evidently honoring the wedding is exhausting. But who wouldn’t want such an effort?

Lopez and Affleck
JLo and Ben sposi (web source)

A love life as intense as and perhaps more than the professional and cinematographic one. Ben Affleck is truly devastated. The reunion with Jennifer Lopez is really wearing him down. After all, the beautiful singer and showgirl has demanded several clauses in the prenuptial agreement …

Naughty Ben

She protected herself, Jennifer. After all, with Ben there is little to rest assured. Between 1997 and 2000 Affleck was romantically linked to actress Gwyneth Paltrowalongside which he works on the occasion of “Shakespeare in Love” and “Bounce”. From 2002 to 2004 the first relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The two form a pair frequently plagued by gossip media. In 2005 he married actress Jennifer Garner, his colleague in “Pearl Harbor” and “Daredevil”. Three children were born from the union. In 2015, the two publicly announced their intention to separate, and finally divorced in 2017. In 2021 he binds again to Jennifer Lopez: in April 2022 the couple announces the engagement and in July of the same year they get married in Las Vegas.

In short, many women and all beautiful for the actor who rose to international prominence right from the beginning thanks to his commitment in “Generation X” and in “Will Hunting – Rebel genius”. Affleck has often distinguished himself for his artistic eclecticism, which has earned him, among many awards, an Oscar for best original screenplay in 1998, a Coppa Volpi in 2006 and an Oscar for best film in 2013.

In addition to the aforementioned feature films, he is mainly known for his roles in “Pearl Harbor” and “Argo” (of which he is also a director and producer), as well as being the interpreter of Bruce Wayne / Batman within the DC Extended Universe. . But we also remember him in David Fincher’s thriller, “Gone girl”.

Ben Affleck destroyed by the pact

As mentioned, therefore, the rapprochement with Jennifer Lopez has occupied the pages of all the newspapers in the world. Lots of excitement, but today Ben Affleck looks really shattered. Look at the photo we offer you. After all, living with a sex bomb like Jennifer Lopez must be challenging. Or maybe it’s the fault of the prenuptial agreement signed by the two …

The two, in fact, would have committed to having sex at least four times a week, in addition to having to pay several million dollars in case of farewell.. Madonna also made Guy Ritchie sign a contract in which he had to guarantee her a minimum wage of sexual relations.

Ben Affleck destroyed (Instagram) 3.8.2022 newstv
Ben Affleck destroyed (Instagram)

In recent days, Jennifer Lopez’s entourage would have denied the signing of the pact. But Ben Affleck still looks shattered. But, we ask ourselves, chi is that you would not like to have this kind of tiredness?

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