Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to separate after the honeymoon

Last July 16, Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck in Las Vegas, a very private wedding of which many details are still unknown, but of which, what could be called a separation, has already begun to be rumored.

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According to international mediaJennifer López and her husband, actor Ben Affleck, decided by mutual agreement to “separate” from the body, but not of commitment, this because according to the new spouses, It will help strengthen your relationship and make you miss each other more.

In the same way, said time away from each other, It will help them to focus on their artistic careers, clearly increase their fortunes and not lose the magic, Well, it is well known that marriage brings with it great “enemies” that can end commitments quickly.

“They are convinced that being apart will help them focus on their professional careers, earn more money and miss each other more strongly,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The decision took fans by surprise of the loving couple, who at first were scared because they thought it was a definitive breakup and not personal growth.

It should be noted that according to the source close to the coupleJLo and Benn Affleck are very close, because when they are not together, the couple usually write and make video calls constantly.

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