Jennifer Lawrence’s funny reaction to seeing a woman in her dress

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Coinciding with someone who wears the same look is complicated, that you come across a style icon in an area of ​​more than 780 km² with a number of people that is around nine million and with the exact same dress is impossible, or not. Fate or mere chance, this is precisely what has happened to a New Yorker on the streets of the Big Apple when she met the protagonist of ‘Don’t look up’. the reaction of Jennifer Lawrence? As charismatic as usual.

Admired for her great sense of humor, her unquestionable talent and her viral interviews in which her funny anecdotes and jokes are not lacking, Lawrence has once again shown off her brilliant essence. It all happened on the streets of New York while she was walking with a couple of friends when, suddenly, she came across a woman who was dressed the same as her.

Both opted to wear the same style that same day and in that precise place, made up of a cream-colored midi dress with straps that, according to the Daily Mail, It belongs to the Garçonne firm and costs around €600.

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The protagonist of ‘The Hunger Games’ opted to wear it with some flat sandals double strip in blacka two-tone bag in black and brown and retro-style sunglasses that gave it a super trendy ‘casual chic’ touch.

The New Yorker who starred in the viral moment opted for the opposite, wearing it in a monochrome look of the most elegant with a bag in ‘nude’ and the viral footwear among the experts: the clogs. Two styles that lead to perfection the ‘normcore’ aesthetic New York style.

The sequence of images is most descriptive. Lawrence was strolling when his eyes met a woman walking past in the same dress. The actress admired her for a few moments until the woman stopped when she realized who she decided to wear her look that day with a Surprise face that we can appreciate his graceful gesture of removing his sunglasses from his face.

At that moment, both looked at each other and laughed for a few seconds until the actress continued forward commenting on the funny encounter with one of her companions. And it is that, in this life there are two types of people: those who are annoyed when someone matches the same clothes in the same place, or those who decide to laugh about it and have a moment as fun as that of the celebrity.

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