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the beauty of Jennifer Aniston It looks like something from another planet. The actress, whom we met in the early nineties thanks to the series friends, you do not need makeup to look wonderful. And it is that more and more celebs are encouraged to upload photos with their natural faces, demonstrating that it is not necessary to retouch to be incredible.

Jennifer Aniston has been the latest Hollywood star to upload two selfies with a washed face and natural hair. And, although he published it just a few hours ago, it already has more than 2.7 million likes. A real barbarity!

With part of her hair covering half her face, half smile and wearing only a towel, Jennifer looks stunning in these two new images. She does not need more to succeed! At 52 years old, Jennifer has shown that she does not need mascara or blush to look gorgeous in an image.

In addition, it is one of the few times that we have been able to see the star’s hair naturally. Jennifer, who has set the hair trend in the nineties and 2000’s, has wavy hair. Although we have almost always seen her with straight hair, the truth is that the celeb has this beautiful hair full of waves.

This natural image is now accessible thanks to social networks. And there was a time when the image we had of the big stars was only the one they projected in photo sessions and on red carpets. Much easier to copy this look than the one she wears at the Golden Globes!

Along with the post, the Friends star has made reference to how humidity affects her hair: “Okay, humidity… Let’s go.” A way to explain that she doesn’t wake up every morning like a goddess either (although she is)

Jennifer has also taken advantage of the post to talk about the hair care brand that she launched last September: LolaVie. It is a sustainable firm that helps keep your hair look under control.

rain of praise

As expected, the post has been filled with compliments towards the star. “How pretty natural”, “Naturalness is as beautiful as you” or “Reality, without filters, I love it”, are just a few examples.

Without a doubt, Jennifer Aniston has adapted perfectly to social networks, giving her followers the content they deserve.

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