Jennifer Aniston has suffered insomnia for decades, she was even a sleepwalker

Jennifer Aniston credit: Bang Showbiz

Jennifer Aniston credit: Bang Showbiz

For a long time, for Jennifer Aniston going to bed has been a serious problem. The 53-year-old superstar has struggled for years, even decades, with sleep problems, from insomnia to sleepwalking to sleep anxiety, often making her dread the thought of spending one more night “counting cracks in the walls” when noticing the effects of sleep loss.

“It scares me to spend another night counting cracks in the walls. I think it started sometime in my 30s or even earlier, but you don’t start feeling the effects of sleep deprivation when you’re younger because you’re invincible,” he said. Aniston to People magazine.

He added: “It started out as something I just accepted and then all of a sudden I realized the effects of sleep deprivation and how it affected my day, my work, my mental function and my physical state.”

Aniston claimed that every time she tried to fall asleep, she ended up looking at the clock, which caused her anguish and anxiety to sleep when she thought about the hours of sleep she was missing. “The more I worry about it, the harder it is to fall asleep,” he said.

The star of the successful series ‘Friends’ said that he was even a sleepwalker, but fortunately he is no longer. “I know I did, because I was woken up by house alarms that I set off. I don’t think I do anymore; that was when I was very sleep deprived.”

Despite the complications, Aniston refused to seek medical help, thinking her sleep problems were not a high enough priority. However, in recent years, she realized that he needed to find a real solution to his insomnia.

“It became something that I was really struggling with. It used to be the last thing on the list, but you can’t meet the three pillars of health – which are diet, exercise and sleep – if you can’t exercise and you can’t eat well if you haven’t slept well because your body clock is completely off.

Aniston said that she sought help from a doctor, something that she “absolutely recommends to people” and that is why she joined the new campaign, Seize the Night and Day, in which people can find news and tips for treating your own sleep problems.

In addition to medical help, Aniston said that having a nightly ritual makes a big difference. She takes time to relax, does some stretching or yoga, and leaves the phone out of the room. He also tries “to make bedtime the same every night, which is a challenge for us actors, because if we’re in a movie, the time is not always the same.”

Finally, the artist said that something she is not willing to give up, even if it means a better rest, is to sleep in bed with her three dogs.

“It’s too comfortable when they cuddle! It’s worth it. Especially since Chesterfield isn’t a puppy anymore. Now he just has a sweet, deep sleep. In fact, sometimes I envy his sleep.”

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