Jennette McCurdy regrets preferences for Ariana Grande in Sam & Cat | sets

The also iCarly actress is about to publish her controversial autobiography


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There are still a few days until the book of Jennette mccurdy; however, some excerpts from it have already come to light. In the excerpts from the biography, former Nickelodeon actress narrates his experiences of abuse when he was a minor, among other things.

In I’m glad my mom died (I’m Glad My Mom Died), Jennette McCurdy says that she was only 6 years old when she started auditioning for television. At 14, she landed the role of Sam Puckett in icarlysomething that would seem like a triumph.

However, already on Nickelodeon, the actress met someone she calls The Creator – someone of power on the network and in the series – who pressured her to drink alcohol when she was still a minor. “The boys from victorious they get drunk together all the time,” he told her at one point, comparing her and her team to the one on the show Ariana Grande was on.

Jennette McCurdy also recounted how The Creator used to take her out to dinner and recounted an encounter where he made her uncomfortable. Her mother was aware of many situations, such as the fact that she was photographed in a bikini, but she did not receive support.

“Everyone wants what you have,” said Debra McCurdy, the actress’s mother, who died of cancer in 2013 when the now-exactress starred Sam & Cat next to Ariana Grande. The singer reportedly received better deals than Jennette, who did not have the same concessions and opportunities.

“What finally undid me was when Ariana came in whistling with excitement because she had spent the night before playing charades at Tom Hanks’ house,” McCurdy recalled. “That was the moment when I broke,” said the artist, who assures that she could not have projects beyond the series, which Grande could.

When the series ended, the team of management de McCurdy told him that Nickelodeon offered him 300 thousand dollars (more than 6 million Mexican pesos) not to mention his experience there; specifically, in relation to The Creator. “My entire childhood and adolescence were highly exploited,” revealed Jennette McCurdy a New York Times.

McCurdy retired from acting for good in 2017, she is now focused on music and her autobiography will be released on August 9.

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