It could be permanent damage: from Mercedes they worry about the health of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton he has been battling with the Mercedes car since the start of the season. After almost winning the eighth world title in 2021, the British rider was unable to return to his best level and is now fighting to get at least a third place. One of the big culprits that Hamilton hasn’t won in 13 races is porpoising. The rebound of the W-13 greatly harms the German team, but the most worrying thing is how it affects the health of the pilots. In that sense, Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes, asked the FIA ​​for solutions.

According to a medical report carried out by the International Automobile Federation, the rebound like the one suffered by Lewis Hamilton in your car, it can cause severe brain damage. Experts indicate that a frequency of 1-2hz maintained for a few minutes generates such trauma. In this sense, Toto Wolff, head of the German team, explains that the porpoising of the seven-time world champion pilot reaches a frequency of 6-7hz and for hours.

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