International Beer Day: Why is it celebrated on August 5? History, data and phrases to celebrate with the chela

Hhey We celebrate the International Beer Day in the world. Although many people do not know it, there really is a celebration around this drink.

For several years the planet has been commemorated, so this commemoration is adopted every first Friday of August. But in the United States and Germany they have their specific days to celebrate it.

Why is International Beer Day celebrated on August 5? Origin and history

The origin of International Beer Day dates back mainly to 2007 when it was celebrated in California. Nevertheless, was finally installed around the planet in 2012.

The festival has gained great popularity around the world since on this day, the drink takes on a special role between the different meetings.

What are the most curious facts about beer? Top 5

Beer has very interesting data, much of it related to its health benefits if consumed in moderation:

  • Dark beers reduce heart attacks, according to data provided by the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.
  • The oldest record of beer dates back to 3100 BC, where the beginnings in Mesopotamia are shown.
  • Helps prevent anemia because it contains folic acid.
  • The Czech Republic is the country that consumes the most beer with 143 liters per person per year.
  • Improves blood circulation and benefits the immune system.

Phrases to send to your friends and celebrate Beer Day

  • “Beer makes you feel like you should feel without beer”, Henry Lawson (writer).
  • “Beer is the cause and solution of all life’s problems”, Homer Simpson.
  • “Whoever invented beer was a wise man” (Platin).
  • “When everyone goes to other planets, I will stay in the abandoned city, drinking one last glass of beer” (Jorge Teiller, poet).
  • “How many times have we not tried a coffee that tastes like a window, a bread that tastes like a corner, a beer that tastes like a kiss?” (Gabriel García Márquez).
  • “A man who lies about beer makes enemies”, Stephen King (writer).
  • “Beer is the best damn drink in the world”, Jack Nicholson (actor).
  • “The best beer in the world is the one in my hand right now” (Charlie Papazian, brewer and writer).
  • “What I really needed was a bottle of cold beer, with a slightly wet label and those beautiful drops on the surface of the glass” (Charles Bukowski).
  • “The best beer is where the monks go to drink”, William Shakespeare (writer).

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