Inside Selena Gomez’s noisy drama with Kendall and Kylie Jenner


According to Us Weekly, Selena Gomez has stopped following Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram due to their behavior towards her then-boyfriend Justin Bieber. A source told the outlet, “Selena said the Jenner girls were flirting with Justin and his crew. She was pissed off and overreacted ”. HollywoodLife confirmed this account (via the Daily Mail), explaining that Gomez “popped up” when she found bold messages between Kylie and Bieber on her phone. “Kylie sent sexy pictures of herself to Justin and that’s what started the fight. Selena saw the pictures on Justin’s phone and she freaked out, ”revealed an insider. For Radar, Gomez “wants[ed] nothing to do with Kylie or Kendall ”, from which she had already perceived“ bad vibes ”.

At the time, Gomez was reportedly carving out a straight and narrow route, via TMZ. This resulted in a renewed focus on her singing career. She also tried to eliminate her “toxic influences” in her life, like the Jenner sisters. But in a twist, the Jenner sisters affirmed it Gomez it was actually the toxic one, which confirmed the Biebs’ story of his ex-girlfriend’s substance abuse. As SheKnows noted, the “Peaches” singer pointed the finger at Gomez for drinking and smoking, and even called it a “much heavier party.” While it’s unclear who was telling the truth, it appears Gomez may have ended his relationship with the Jenner sisters due to her insecurity about Bieber.


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