“In general, shapewear acts like a toxic friendship that you always try to make it work even if it makes you feel bad”

Lizzo (Detroit, 34 years old) appears in the video call from a room decorated with her three Grammy awards, and with blue butterfly-shaped hairpins in her hair. “Listen, my calendar is locked until 2023. I’m doing everything I want to do, and in a way that makes an impact,” she says. After a three-year musical hiatus, it is clear that now the artist does not lack projects. She has just released a new album, titled Special, which he says is “very crazy”. And he also made his debut on television and in fashion. He has done it with the Prime Video program Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, where he looks for dancers far from canons, and with his shapewear brand, Yitti. “I don’t do anything that I don’t think is necessary,” she explains, “everything has a personal connection. I wouldn’t produce a show if I didn’t have to hire dancers for my tour, or try shapewear if I didn’t think the industry needed to reinvent itself.” With sizes XS to 6X, Yitti is a shaping fashion brand that doesn’t want to go unnoticed. The artist herself has worn the leggings of the signature with back openings that exposed a thong. What made you enter the same sector as Kim Kardashian? “The clothes of shapewear that I had until then were shit, they were annoying to me and I ended up fed up, ”he says. “In general, shapewear acts like a toxic friendship that you always try to make it work even if it makes you feel bad. I set out to create a product that would make me feel good about my own body.”

The singer arrived on the music scene as that friend that everyone would like to have: fun, sexy, foul-mouthed, and above all, with a heart. “If I shine, the whole world will shine”, says the letter of his success Juice. Now with the release of Special, he underlines how linked his music is to his daily life: “My way of composing songs reflects my own life. I need to live to continue being that kind of artist, so I didn’t want to be in a hurry.” She has shown that there is no pattern to becoming a star. You don’t have to chase trends or fit a certain image. With both her music and her public appearances, she makes joie de vivre and self-acceptance powerful forms of protest.

Real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson, Lizzo grew up in a strict family, in which non-religious music was not listened to. She started out as a classical flutist, and although she plays multiple musical genres at work, she still loves this instrument, which she has opened an Instagram account for. After dropping out of her music studies at the University of Houston, she attempted to break into the industry, a period in which she was part of various music groups. hip hop, he collaborated with Prince, and during which he even had to sleep in his car. When he reached recognition the feeling was so overwhelming that she almost gave up. The artist has used social networks to share her emotional ups and downs, and how her therapy has helped her overcome them, and they have also served to correct some missteps. your theme grrrls received criticism for including a derogatory term for people with cerebral palsy. She changed the lyrics immediately, and subsequently announced on her profiles her commitment to the change she wants to see in the world. Despite everything, she usually uses the networks to have fun, without taking herself too seriously. She has flirted with actor Chris Evans and rapper DaBaby on Instagram, and humorously gossiped on TikTok about the ins and outs of One Direction, the former group of her friend Harry Styles. “I love using social media, but I don’t need it at all,” she says with a laugh, “The media needs me!”

The singer has starred in several great fashion moments, in which she has pulverized social expectations: with the provocation of a transparent tunic by Matthew Reisman on Cardi B’s birthday, the humor of a dress inspired by a chocolate bar signed by Moschino or the activism of a Christian Siriano design promoting the vote in 2020. “I love my silhouette, and playing with it. On the one hand, I’m Taurus and I’m attracted to luxury, sensuality and comfort, and on the other hand, my Leo ascendant makes me be provocative and look for crazy things that break the mold. I have a great time leaving others behind with fashion. Being a big girl, I think no one expected me to be successful with my looks.” But in the case of Lizzo, never confuse optimism with complacency: “I am part of the change in the fashion industry. I am going to say it so that it is clear: society accepts the diversity of bodies, but in the industry, especially in production and design, there is still much to be done”.

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