I can’t stand Ted Lasso

I can’t stand ted lasso. I’ve tried and I really can’t. She is already. I’ve already said it and I’m already happy. It was something that she needed to do after spending a little over two years reading all kinds of criticism putting on this sitcom Manzana In the clouds. In fact, it is one of the favorites to win the Emmy for best comedy at the awards that will be given next September. The second season of the series starring Jason Sudeikis accumulates up to twenty nominations and I am sure that it will sweep. But I still have the feeling that any of its competitors is a much better series and hits a thousand kicks.

The plot of Ted Lasso begins with the bitter divorce of the married couple who own a team in the British Professional Football League, Richmond. Rebecca Welton (hannah waddingham), assumes ownership of the club after being abandoned by her husband, who leaves with another younger woman. As revenge, she decides to sink the team and can’t think of anything else but to put an American coach in charge who has no idea what soccer is. To Ted Lasso. The signing baffles the fans, the press and the players themselves, seeing how the new coach’s decisions are out of the ordinary.

What could be a very acid comedy with the world of sport and its most toxic environments, becomes a plot not suitable for diabetics because its tenderness oozes sugar on all four sides. An acidity and bad milk that, on the other hand, we did see in the Mexican Netflix series Club de cuervos. Ted Lasso is tenderness and good feelings in the hooligan country, who affectionately call the new coach “the asshole”. I tried to connect with your humor and good vibes, without getting it. I even checked the first season again when the second season came out, just in case I was caught in a bad time last time. But nothing.

The first thing that squeaks me is how absurd it seems to me that the new owner of the club to execute her twisted plan brings in the new coach of the United States. And I say that, for that matter, why don’t you grab anyone who passes by on the street and record them? I guess it’s the excuse to be able to make jokes about the cultural differences between the UK and the USa little to Notting Hillthe romantic comedy starring in the 90s by Julia Roberts Y Hugh grant. Although we are not in Ireland, the series tries to get Apple to make its own version of The Quiet Manof John Ford, As for the concept of the stranger who is fleeing from ghosts of his past and is captivated by his new town. With his little mustache like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, Lasso spreads good vibes, cupcakes and advice on how to see life for him. He just needs to say “corcholis” and “gosh.”

As if inspired by the work of Paulo Coelhothere is a sign pasted on the locker room door with the phrase “Believe” (believe), conveying the message that the Universe conspires to make your dreams come true. But we are going to see soul of pitcher. If you haven’t done anything. All your decisions have been wrong and to add insult to injury, you can’t say that the team is winning either. Typically, you lose. And you could even say that he deserves it, because Lasso does nothing but wallow in his ignorance, episode after episode.

For the third season, which will be the last of the series, we are told of the duel between Lasso and one of his pupils, who ended up turning to the dark side. Nate (Nick Mohamed) had been the errand boy since the pilot episode, and had slowly worked his way up the team with advice he gave the inexperienced Lasso as soon as he arrived. As he reaches power, we have seen that, within him, there were not such good feelings, but after years of humiliation dragged from childhood, too much resentment has been developing. The season has ended with Nate’s betrayal by accepting the position to coach the rival Richmond team, whose owner is precisely Rebecca’s ex, Ruppert Mannion played by Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s former mentor). If it were another series, I would say that the epic duel is served for the final season. But it is that the epic thing in football to the Americans does not come out. They try, but it shows that it is not their sport.

No matter how many followers Ted Lasso has, I personally prefer any of his competing series, even if they accumulate fewer awards. my favorite would be Only murders in the building that with its second season is gaining more and more followers. The comedy starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez was one of the revelation series of last year and has involved this peculiar trio of amateur podcaster detectives in the investigation of a new crime in the Arconia buildingname with which they have been renamed in fiction the mythical New York Belnord Apartments. With the excuse of criminal investigations, if only to end up ruling them out as suspects, week after week we get to know their unique guests and the story behind them.

Another revelation series that is up for the award is Hacks, with the generational conflict between a veteran comedian from Las Vegas and her new millennial screenwriter. The interpretive duel between Jean Smart and the debutante Hannah Eibinder It has us hooked on the screen and providing moments of great television. The fourth season has fewer options to win anything The wonderful Miss Maisel, which although it follows a delicious series, it seems that the stoppage of the pandemic has caused us to forget a little about it and its new installment has passed without pain or glory. And that does nothing, it was the most.

Also noteworthy is the nomination of Abbott Elementarywhich tells us about the vicissitudes of the teachers of a North American public school to be able to attend to the educational needs of a humble neighborhood of philadelphia, shortcomings that they make up for with a lot of vocation and a vocation for public service. Another invitation to good vibes and positive energies. Suck that Ted Lasso.

Complete the nominations poster Crub your enthusiasm(the veteran comedy of Larry David); Barry (the story of a serial killer who wants to be an actor is still on my list of pending titles) and What we do in the shadows (the vampire comedy of Taika Waititi). With such a series of series, Ted Lasso’s twenty nominations still seems disproportionate to me.

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