How much can you win with a lottery ticket?

Did you buy a
Did you buy aa bit” for a draw for the lottery and you don’t know how much you get from the jackpot? Here is the million dollar answer. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

“Take your a bitIt’s for today!” was a very common phrase to hear on the streets of people who sold tickets for the draws of the National Lottery (Lotenal), and at the same time announced the Jackpot of several million pesos; and due to the attractiveness of the prize, some people came to buy it (which today can be done via an application or online) with the illusion of “hit the fat man”.

But really, by buying only a little piece, did you have the right to take the Jackpotwhen that ticket is part of a series?, if you still have that “existential doubt”, here we detail what you really get when you are a “lucky winner”.

What is a series?

As detailed by lotenala series of tickets is a number that participates in the draws and that is divided into 20 equal parts, each one of them known as “a bit”, all with the same number.

In the official prize lists, the amounts shown are assigned to the complete series, so if you have the 20 “bits” of the same number, you can collect the entire prize indicated.

What is a little bit?

The “a bit” is also known as fraction or twentieth. It is one of the 20 parts that make up a series. Therefore, they also represent one of the 20 parts of a prize.

In a nutshell, if you look at the official award lists your number was the winner, you must divide that amount into 20 equal parts, so the result will be the amount assigned to each piece.

“A piece does not give you access to collect the entire prize, a piece gives you access to collect a twentieth of the amount shown in the official prize lists.”


What is a refund?

If you participate in a draw for the National lotteryyou may also find that your “a bit” was awarded a “refund”, which will consist of the return of the same amount that you invested when buying your ticket.

How can I play in a National Lottery draw?

Now if you feel lucky today, this way you can participate in a draw for the National lottery:

Get your ticket

  • physical ticket. Go to your nearest Lottery vendor, wallet or file to purchase your ticket. Here you will find the points of sale that are located in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area. And here those located in the interior of the Republic.
  • Electronic ticket. If you cannot go in person, go to the portals of the online sites,, cmillionaire.comto acquire your “electronic piece”.

check your bits

La Lotenal has several raffles, such as:

  • Major Draw. It is played on Tuesdays and it is the only draw that each week offers a total bag of 66 million 99 thousand pesos with 18 thousand 760 prizes and refunds. The grand prize amounts to 21 million pesos in three series. A “little” has a cost of 30 pesos.
  • Top Draw. It is played on Fridays; for draw No. 2732 on August 5, for example, will award a top prize of 17 million and a main prize with a series of 8 and a half million pesos. The cost of the “little” is 40 pesos.
  • Zodiac Draw. It is played on Sundays; for draw No. 1581 on August 7 has a jackpot of 7 million pesos. The cost of the “little” is 20 pesos.

Remember that, depending on the draw, it is the prize.

If you cannot be aware of the results on the day, you can personally go to the nearest store to consult the official list or enter the following link to check your “little bit”.

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