His right hand man: the money Lewis Hamilton pays the most trusted person in F1

There are many secrets that it keeps Lewis Hamilton within Formula 1, a competition in which he knew how to dominate for many years. Beyond the fact that his present is very different, the famous man retains highly trusted people in his work team. About this, the money he pays his right-hand man in this environment was revealed.

Angela Cullen, one of the most important people the former world champion has in this universe, is the physical therapist of Lewis Hamilton and receives around 100 thousand dollars for the work done. This woman joined his technical staff in 2016 and is in charge of keeping the Briton’s physical condition in perfect condition.

Lewis Hamilton debuted in Formula 1 in 2007

Among the tasks he performs, he organizes the daily diet of the current Mercedes driver, the times he has to sleep and different training routines outside of motorsports, such as swimming or cycling. In turn, she is in charge of planning each of the trips he makes throughout the year.

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