Helen Mirren reveals her beauty secret at the age of 77

British actress Helen Mirren had her birthday on July 26 77 yearsand held it in Rome, where he was recording the new installment of Fast&Furious alongside Vin Diesel. However, it has been, more than the appearance of the actress, her attitude that has attracted attention, since she assured the French edition of an American publication that she does not feel at all nostalgic about the oldand that I wouldn’t go back at 25as collected teva.

“If someone told me: with a magic wand you can be 25 years old again, I would say no, because I don’t want to. The truth is that as you get older, the body changes, of course, but you learn a lot with experience. You just have to accept it and realize that each stage of life has its advantages and disadvantages, “she assured.

As an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, the actress revealed some of her beauty secrets that she carries out on a daily basis, such as using smart products that perform several functions at the same time, such as hydration, sun protection and color coverage. Furthermore, he claimed that has stopped inspecting your skin for years, avoiding looking for “flaws” as that would be a “constant source of dissatisfaction”.

And although he takes care, he affirmed not follow any beauty ritualbut advises have fun and keep trying at any age. “Do not forbid yourself to experiment with your look. Try long, short or straight hair,” she commented.

The attitude of the artist reveals another great life lessonand it makes sure enjoy the simplest pleasures to the fullestas she has shown on her Instagram profile, both she and the actor Vin Diesel, with whom she has celebrated her birthday.

And it is that in their respective accounts we have been able to see them enjoying spectacular views, dancing under the rain and, ultimately, celebrating life together as the great friends they seem to have become.

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