Gigi Hadid with the skater look is the new queen of grunge (luxury)

Gigi Hadid in skater version on the streets of Manhattan

It is well known that Gigi Hadid does not love discounted aesthetic solutions. This summer alone, the supermodel spearheaded the jorts revival alone, made lime green the color of the season, and spent the holidays with the Beckhams wearing Victorian lace over her Frankies Bikinis swimwear. One of her latest looks, however, more closely resembled the outfit of a hardcore skater than that of a trend queen.

Skatercore inspiration

Paparazzi on the streets of Manhattan, Gigi Hadid wore a multicolored crochet crop top, baggy ripped jeans by Danielle Guizio and a bucket hat. In short, she only needed a Stüssy hoodie, a pair of classic Converse CONS and a colorful beaded necklace to kickflip at Pier 62 Skatepark.


The luxury detail

In Gigi Hadid’s looks, there is always an element that elevates them from grunge to the glam of a low-key model. For example, she is rarely photographed without her Loro Piana mini-bag in tumbled calfskin, a very luxurious accessory that is not exactly the closest relative of a classic JanSport backpack. Consider that she isn’t even big enough to hold an iPhone.

Queen of contrasts

On closer inspection, however, this look by Gigi Hadid in a skater version is nothing more than a spin-off of her daily wardrobe, made up of patchwork Versace denim, cargo pants and Deep Funk-style hats. What makes it particularly interesting is the even more marked distance that separates it from the outfits that the 27-year-old model usually shows off when she participates in a social event, occasions in which sequins, corsetry and transparent lace come into play. That is: the antithesis of his day outfit in skatercore mode.

Kate Moss says

But it is these hard-to-explain choices that make Gigi Hadid a fashion icon. After all, those supermodels who simply chose to follow their own path gave us some of the most memorable stylistically moments. Think of Grace Jones and Kristen McMenamy. “Today’s girls are afraid of being themselves,” Kate Moss remarked recently, “while they should dress however they want.” For sure, the runway veteran wasn’t referring to Gigi Hadid.

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