Gigi Hadid announces the launch of her new clothing line, “Guest in Residence”

Gigi Hadid she is making a professional leap: from who, as a model, she wore clothes to what time, stylist, she designs them herself.

She announced on Instagram that she is working on her own fashion line called Guest in Residence. She posted a carousel of images, giving her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her new knitwear collection.

And she also updated her biography on Instagram to announce her new professional role: “Founder and creative director @guestinresidence”. And while her collection has yet to debut, she already has at least a couple of famous fans: Hailey Bieberwho commented on the post with “I’m so excited,” and her sister Pretty who added: «What we have all been waiting for», with a series of emojis in the shape of a pink heart.

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Actually this is not Gigi Hadid’s only adventure in the fashion business. In April she also announced the collaboration with her childhood friend and founder of Frankies Bikinis, Francesca Aiello, for a collection of swimwear. In designing the bikini line, the two friends took a cue from their childhood spent together in Malibu, California, and from the new home of the model’s mother in Pennsylvania. In a press release announcing the collection, Hadid wrote: “We designed this line with a lot of love, and I think that shines through in the details. Both Frank and I have a very intense social life but we are also women who love to stay at home, and the collection truly embodies this side of us ». In an Instagram post by Frankies Bikinis announcing the collaboration, the caption also underlined that “the collection is rooted in friendship and inspired by Gigi’s carefree days in his family’s dream country house, always so full of emotions”.

In the press release, Aiello also praised her friend’s keen insights into the field of fashion, explaining that “Gigi is a special person, a great inspiration to me. She is creative, hardworking, kind and affectionate, and the combination of these incredible traits of her personality with our deep friendship is what made this collection not only fun to create together, but also to grow together ” . And Gigi added: “We have known each other before we could think that dreams like this could become reality.”

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