First Ladies, review: a rich and engaging documentary

First Ladies, arriving today on Sky and NOW, is a production created and directed by CNN that features the influential personalities of the most memorable American administrations in history. It is a true documentary and a collection of experiences, a trip to America and an insight into its politics. We start from afar to arrive today always with the same doubts that accompany us: how has the United States changed? What milestones has any administration achieved? And still, always remaining on the level of civil rights and the struggles of the most fragile communities, has it always remained the same? Does the American dream still exist? These are questions that CNN answers through journalists, of the old secretaries and the famous confidants of the most powerful women in the country “Largest in the world”.

But is it really as big as it used to be? Presidents have passed from the White House and someone has really changed and improved the world, but because there was a great woman behind him, who at times managed to maintain order and decorum, to raise awareness on the most delicate and to have at the same time a more direct approach towards the weakest. First Ladieswhich we had the opportunity to preview, is nothing more than a documentary about the women of the most important presidents of the United States of America, and we are not talking about unknown names, because over the years we have studied them and they have been the protagonists of great innovations, as well as scandals of all kinds.

The first women of the United States of America helped to give courage to their husbands on delicate occasions as happened by Eleonor Roosevelt during the Great Depression or the outbreak of the Second World War, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt confined to a wheelchair while the world, now dominated by the disaster of Nazism and the obscurantism of the Japanese Empire, it inevitably collapsed on itself. And how could we not mention Jackie, the wife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Or Nancy Reagan and her fiery temper of hers? The mass media often tell us about presidents, giving fleeting and never in-depth information about their families. It is difficult to imagine them similar to ours and as silent spectators of a changing world, of course, we think they are unattainable. The documentary, which involves important authors, could be summarized as an open-hearted book that talks about American history, as well as a different way to discover the facets and secrets of the leaders who have been more than wives and shoulders to cry on, but true icons of current politics.

First Ladies

A life beyond the stars and stripes flag: First Ladies amazes for its contents

Each episode starts with a quick presentation of the protagonist that we find ourselves discovering, with information professionals who introduce the achievements and the childhood of the American First Ladies. It is a production that does not spare the most inconvenient details and consequently delves into every human and essential aspect of who we find ourselves to discover, becoming an on-screen biography of the lives that have lived for years inside the White House. If on the one hand we therefore have a didactic care including dates and contexts, on the other hand there is a scrupulous attention to the past of the protagonists who lived those moments. We have found ourselves faced with lives that, on many occasions, have suffered and then rose again, going on with difficulty as the world out there was getting stranger and stranger.

In this sense, the protagonists of the documentary lived sad moments and it was underlined how many of them were humble, answering the classic question about the current existence of the American dream. As we mentioned earlier, the documentary emphasized the historical periods and the most important moments in the lives of these women, who experienced firsthand the great American social changes, such as the sad scenario of the Vietnam War and the demonstrations against the president. Lydon Johnson, considered by many to be an inadequate premier.

Or after the terrible attack on Ronald Reagan, which alarmed Nancy Reagan and endangered not only the Republican party but the entire country, at the time in a time of great changes and disturbances. In this sense, the camera that focused directly on Nancy Reagan described to us a difficult and twisted woman, but still loyal to her husband and her cause, who she is remembered today with extreme joy. Initially, Nancy Reagan was seen as an absent and measured First Lady, more focused on improving the White House sewer system instead of thinking about the next one. This changes once the First Lady realizes that, thanks to her bad temper, her husband is losing consensus in her polls. mainly because of his squandering of money in the White House and his arrogant attitude.

First Ladies

So she decides to raise awareness of the fight against drugs of any kind, obtaining great results and, in the meantime, proving to be a First Lady with a brilliant sense of humor, thus making herself loved by the mothers, wives and fathers who see the generation of kids of the 80s in trouble. We also remember that, in his mandate, President Ronald Reagan was the only American leader to have talks with the Soviet Union in a complex time for the United States before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, a demonstration of how much the Cold War actually isat the time, was an outdated chapter to leave behind.

In addition to Nancy Reagan, however, there is also Michelle Obama: a leader of the people, the most loved and supported, who in the two terms of her husband Barack Obama was the victim of racial insults, with not very nice epithets coming from the most extreme circles of the Republican Party. Memorable, and certainly in a negative way, is the demonstration with Southern flags by the supporters of the Klux Klux Klan, but to do her more harm, especially with the advent of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it was the politics of hatred that she herselftired of trying it on her skin, she fought bravely, never showing up in trouble.

What struck us about her was a passage, which explains how she lived those moments immediately after the swearing in of her husband, which took place in Washington DC in front of an audience packed with supporters of the Democratic Party, who supported the Obama family from start to finish. Because we love Michelle Obama? Simple, because it turned to schools and young people, participating in meetings with teachers and helping the poorest children from neighborhoods on the margins of society through charities. And she participated, in response to the insults, ad as many manifestations for the individual freedom of each womanbreaking down the wall of prejudice and participating in humanitarian missions around the world with Emma Watson, Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger.

First Ladies

Some even considered her the heir of Hilary Clinton, who certainly needs no introduction. Because if Michelle Obama and Nancy Reagan proved to be two lifelines, Hilary Clinton was the emblem of a generation of women. Starting from the ground up and raised by a strict father, Hilary Clinton has always been a skilled and close-knit scholar, quickly becoming the best in her class.

As he grew up, arriving at university, he demonstrated his talents as a leader, becoming passionate about politics and, in the meantime, knowing a young man who would later become governor of Arkansas and President of the United States of America. Between scandals, betrayals and complex moments, she Hilary was the first woman to stand as a candidate to oppose Donald Trump, failing to arrive by a whisker on the coveted seat of the White House. She is a confident woman, capable and intelligent, unpredictable and deeply tied to the family as to the struggles for civil rights, specifically those feminists. We couldn’t expect better from a woman who has never been afraid of anything, not even after her husband’s betrayalwhich many have often made fun of.

An educational and reflective documentary: First Ladies it doesn’t just tell a story

The three women we mentioned, in one way or another, changed the United States and managed to live with great responsibility, while out there everything changed and became complex to bear. We can only imagine what it meant, and CNN was able to make it understood with simplicity and skill, focusing not only on these protagonists but also on the delicate historical contexts that have changed the history of the United States.

First Ladies

An exciting pace, a lot of simplicity and a desire to surprise: First Ladies it is a documentary that reaches the goal and movesbecause it talks about women and still open issues, on which we should think with greater attention and sensitivity. It is a story that speaks of us, like it or not, and that is part of the history of this century that started off on the wrong foot.

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