Elle Fanning, Anne Hathaway and more are fans of the Gucci Blondie bag

Archival styles from the 1970s, the Gucci Blondie bag demonstrates its versatility and shape, as seen on the arms of these celebrities.

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, some of celeb’s favorite trends have begun to emerge. Sunglasses and gas station jacks (that’s denim shorts, Gigi Hadid loves them) have been gaining traction, but the bag of the moment is decidedly more understated. Stars like Anne Hathaway, Elle Fanning and Jodie Turner-Smith have all been seen with a relaunched bag: the Gucci Blondie, which is based on an archive style from the 1970s.

Gucci’s new take on the Blondie shoulder bag debuted at the brand’s Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles in November. The sleek style, which features an interlocking G detail, dates back to 1971, but the modern version now spans a variety of sizes, including the classic silhouette, a mini bag shape, and even a statement fanny pack. It’s available in monogrammed leather, suede and canvas, and is finished with sporty nylon straps for day or more dainty chain straps for evening. Prices start at €2,400.

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