Drew Barrymore is an Angel of Cameron Diaz with the ecological theme

Two of the three’Charlie’s Angels‘ have joined in the fight for environmental preservation and sustainability. Recently the actress drew Barrymore revealed that she tries to follow all the advice of her best friend, Cameron Diazto lead a lifestyle ecological by reducing the environmental impact in some aspects of their daily lives.

In an interview with ‘People’ magazine, the 47-year-old actress confessed the following: “I promised her that I would become someone she had been pushing me to be all my life, environmentally conscious and living a certain style of life. sustainable living”, revealing that Cameron Díaz has been her mentor and her greatest example to be able to lead this new lifestyle. In the interview, Barrymore also notes that “once I started living that way and really engaged, I saw the world in a different way.” Some of the changes he has made to follow Díaz’s advice have been to get rid of the use of plastic bags to store food, now opting to use reusable containers or recycled paper bags. In addition, you are now fully aware of the importance of close the tap when brushing your teeth, so you avoid wasting water.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

Barrymore environmental guru Cameron Diaz has championed sustainable living for many years by giving visibility to environmental problems and pollution. For that reason, he has tried to make a big difference by doing simple tasks that everyone can do from home. “I do everything that I can do, all the basic things that everyone should do… be aware of my energy consumptionin terms of all the lights in my house, how much energy do I use, how much do I turn on the water, set the thermostat, my recycling”, Diaz has indicated.

Cameron Diaz has become the best positive influence for Drew Barrymore

In addition to leading a sustainable life in the privacy of her home, the actress of ‘The Mask’ tries to raise awareness among all her friends and family so that they join this noble initiative to be able to continue enjoying nature and all its benefits. Being so close, it was only a matter of time before Drew began to see nature in a different way and began to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

One of the best examples of this is the Drew Barrymore video dancing under the rainvideo that did not take long to go viral on all social networks by showing the actress of ‘ET, the extraterrestrial’ outlining a big smile, while stating that “As long as you can go out in the rain, don’t miss the opportunity!

In the interview for People, the actress pointed out that it is okay to start with small changes in daily life, but that true sustainable change requires everyone’s effort. “We need the micro and the macro. We need companies and people that change the world and change the rules of the game, as well as our small individual efforts.”

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