Double of Will Smith: he is Venezuelan and is very similar

american actor Will Smith in recent times he has been remembered for the blow that gave comedian Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards that were held at the beginning of this 2022.

Although it has been kept away from the media, many were shocked when sand it began to be rumored that the artist was in Peru. However, to the disappointment of many, who has been seen on the streets of this country is an almost exact double of the remembered ‘Prince of rap’.

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the imitator of Will Smith He bears a strong resemblance to the “Men in Black” actor, as the man exactly copied the costumes of several of his characters.

Who is the Latino Will Smith?

Is about Yashual Eduardo Avila Abello a 30-year-old Venezuelan who lives in Peru and has taken advantage of his physique to pay tribute to the actor. In TikTok his account summarizes that he is the official double of Will Smith.

Peruvian citizens have been amazed at the similarity of the man. In social networks, the actor’s double is also seen dancing and greeting people who approach him, like a “super star”.

The man leaves accompanied by a friend, who is in charge of placing music and receiving money for the photographs or videos.

His success has been such that several local media have contacted him to talk about his character.

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