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The Madrid president has declared herself rebellious about the energy saving measures proposed by the Spanish government, fulfilling the commitments made with the other EU governments. Madrid does not turn off! Ayuso has proclaimed, despite the fact that no one has proposed turning it off. Nor does it seem that she was aware when her party demanded, a few days ago, Pedro Sánchez to present an energy saving plan. Little does he care that we suffer the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Nor that Putin intends to defeat the European economy by restricting the shipment of gas; waiting alone, in the immensity of his Kremlin office, for the arrival of general winter. It matters even less to the Madrid president that the restrictive measures are being taken jointly by all the European partners. It is about saying no, for saying no: more than cultural warfare, it is institutional hooliganism. Although the most generalized interpretation of ¡Madrid does not go out! it is that, more than the Moncloa, it is a missile directed against the headquarters of Genoa. Or his stentorian way of vindicating his uninhibited libertarian casticismo, in the face of Núñez Feijoó’s confused and oblique speech.

An adviser is said to have told the French president that if he didn’t take action against climate change it would collapse the planet and if he did it would collapse the system. It is probably an apocryphal quote, but it gives us a pretty good idea of ​​the dilemma we are facing. Not only the governments that are not from the PP, as Mrs. Ayuso believes, but all of us. That the climate is changing is evidence beyond reasonable doubt. This summer of fire is proof of that. Proposing in this context to reactivate coal plants to save energy is to put out fires with gasoline. The government’s proposals are not directly related to the climate, they are energy saving measures to face the restrictions of the coming months. But if, for leaders like Ayuso, measures as light as those proposed by the Spanish government are considered unacceptable impositions, what will these politicians do when they have to take much more demanding measures, such as those that will have to be taken sooner rather than later, to deal with the effects of climate change? It is not difficult to imagine the Madrid president doing the same thing as the one played by Meryl Streep in “Don’t look up”.

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