Cristiano Ronaldo at Roma, now it is no longer a simple idea: what an intrigue with Zaniolo!

Cristiano Ronaldo at Roma, now it is no longer a simple idea: what an intrigue with Zaniolo! The Giallorossi market could ignite even more

At the moment the most current issue is the possible passage of Nicolò Zaniolo to Conte’s Tottenham. Mourinho to replace him could find CR7, coming out of United.

Cristiano Ronaldo (AnsaFoto)

After the arrivals of Wijnaldum and Dybala, combined with Matic, Celik and Svilar, and with the prospect of having it signed in the next few hours too Andrea Belotti, the Roma market might seem complete. Actually the general manager, Tiago Pintoalso has several appointments on his agenda to find the defender requested by Mourinhoa left-handed profile that can take the place of the 11 owner of Ibanez. However, there is also the theme to hold the spot Zaniolo, still not completely out of the logic of the market. His contract is due to expire in 2024 and for now there have been no talks on the renewal, despite the will of the # 22 to have a substantial adjustment. The Giallorossi have never hidden that in front of an offer of at least 50 million would be willing to get it started. There Juventus at one point he seemed to have an advantage, but the need to intervene in other roles stopped any discussion in the bud. To date, the team most interested in Zaniolo and the Tottenham from With you.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Rome, there is talk of a resounding arrival in the last days of the market: to make room for him would be Zaniolo

Nicolò Zaniolo with the Roma shirt (AnsaFoto)

According to what our editorial staff has learned, a really crazy market intrigue could break out, capable of making Roma fans jump in their seats. Some rumors from important international market intermediaries paint the following scenario. Zaniolo could reach Antonio Conte in London, Tottenham sidefor a figure of approximately 50 million euros. At that point Mourinho could embrace Cristiano Ronaldo, already trained at the time of the real Madrid. The Portuguese is increasingly at loggerheads with Manchester United and would not mind a return to Italy. His monstre salary would be covered in part by the sponsors and in part by the price tag of the # 22. A truly incredible joint, which would complete a pharaonic acquisition campaign by the Friedkin and incredibly sustainable in numbers too. Fans daydream and wait to see what the future scenarios will be.

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