Cardi B: The rapper hits a fan with a microphone in full concert; singer denies it (VIDEO)

In the world of music there are several singers who are very often involved in controversy due to different circumstances, one of them is the rapper Cardi-Bwho in the last few hours his name has been circulating on social networks, after he hit a fan with a microphone during one of his concerts.

The famous singer attended the weekend Wireless Festival 2022which was carried out in London, where in addition to her there were other artists such as Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat and A$AP Rocky singing their best songs making the viewers enjoy.

Cardi B started her presentation without a problem, but later decided to approach the fans to greet them and sing inches from themHowever, the situation got out of control, as some people began to pull the rapper.

But that was not what caused her anger, since in an oversight they snatched the microphone from her, fortunately she was able to recover it, however, she reacted annoyed and hit the person with the sound device.

A video began to circulate on social networks, in which It is possible to appreciate the moment when the American shows no mercy and hits the fan without thinking.

That was not all, because apparently another person touched it improperly, so that also caused it to explode in the middle of the concert.

The clip went viral in a few minutes, some users sided with the rapper for defending herself against the situation she experienced, but there were those who were against the action.

Cardi B denies hitting a fan

After the events, Cardi B denied having fought with the fan who attended her show, this after a user in Twitter demanded that he show the full video to see if he had assaulted the person or not.

“Show us the full video then. Post it, let’s watch the full fight,” the user wrote.

The rapper did not hold anything back and replied that it was not a fight.

“It wasn’t a fight! KenBarbie has everything on his page,” Cardi B replied.



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