Capri and that romantic obligation to kiss

When we think of an obligation, unpleasant thoughts immediately come to mind. Yet there are places that with their magic can also afford to redesign the meaning of some concepts. That’s what happened on theisland of Capri, the most iconic of the Italian style dolce vita. The administration of the municipality of Anacapri has in fact accepted a truly romantic proposal, put forward by a young resident of Anacapri.

Simone Acampora in fact, he suggested to “make the kiss on the” compulsory Viewpoint of the Dreamer through a sign he created himself. Thus, in the area of ​​the Punta Carena lighthouseon the south-western coast of the island, a very unique sign has been installed which bears the order “Romantic zone, obligatory kissing”, accompanied by the stylized image of two people exchanging a kiss.

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The pitch in which it stands is located in an area of ​​the island that is very fascinating from a landscape point of view, far from the famous Capri square and the frenzy of the most glamorous areas. It is no coincidence that once Punta Carena was called Punta di Limmo, from the Latin limen which means border.

An initiative that makes this Caprese glimpse, reachable by a staircase carved into the rock, a possible competitor to other symbolic places of romanticism, including the famous Ponte Milvio, where over the years many couples have left a padlock to symbolize their love.

And who knows, even a few pairs of celeb did not go as far as the shadow of this lighthouse which at night helps boats with one of the most powerful lanterns in the Tyrrhenian Sea, second only to that of Genoa, as explained on the website of the Anacapri municipality. In fact, the end of July saw the islet of Campania stormed by tourists from all over the world, also attracted by exclusive events that brought the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and, above all, Jennifer Lopez, protagonist of the LuisaViaRoma benefit concert to Capri. for Unicef.

The singer understandably did not go unnoticed and all the points she touched ended up in the spotlight, from the refined hotel – the Tiberio Palace we are talking about here – where she stayed up to starry lunches, like the one that Gennarino prepared for her. Esposito (which we told you about here).

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