Camila Cabello, viral in social networks for this dance on the beach

One more time, Camila Cabello has done it again! The artist has uploaded to her networks a video dancing on the beach with which she has welcomed summer and has given us another lesson body-positive.

The good weather is here and, with it, the first posts with which our favorite celebrities surprise us. If Kendall Jenner’s pose a few weeks ago set the networks on fire, the post on the beach of Camila Cabello dancing Give me your little thing and showing itself as it is has not been left behind.

The artist has not left anyone indifferent dancing in the middle of the east beach trend so famous from Tik Tok. And it is that Camila Cabello’s naturalness showing himself as he is It has always been his strong point.

The singer appears in this video that was uploaded to Tik Tok fresh out of the water, disheveled and perreando along with her dance partner to the sound of this funny song.

The interpreter of havana She hasn’t had any qualms about showing off her stupendous bodyand hundreds of his followers have been impregnated with good feelings after seeing the dance with which it has gone viral.

With comments like: «Camila’s body is so natural, It looks very nice on her, I also have it like that and I look down on myself in the mirror» or «I LOVE THE CAMILA ERA TIKTOKER”, the Cuban has witnessed that, with her dance, It has revolutionized networks.

Camila Cabello has always stood out for her desire to show the B side of the world of celebrities. The human part that some people sometimes forget they have. The singer has shared a text in which she explains how she feels when it comes to being on the beach and being photographed treacherously.

“Every time I’ve been to the beach in Miami I’ve been captured, secretly photographed in a bikini and I felt super vulnerable and without preparation: I have worn bathing suits that were too small and close to the body», he tells in a text that invites reflection.

I wanted to talk about this because we see pictures of women and praise them for looking goodto be seen in that desirable way. But, What is wellness if you’re so obsessed with how your body looks? Who am I trying to look attractive if I can’t let loose, relax and play on a beautiful day at the beach?»the artist has sentenced, giving us another life lesson.

Camila Cabello is, therefore, one of the celebrities who most advocates for the movement of body positiveY thanks to figures like her we can see that we are all humanand that the fact have cellulite, disheveled hair after a long day at the beach, or the swollen belly is something normal.

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