Camila Cabello shares her path with body self-image

Camila is one of those celebs who is constantly criticized for her looks or her body in general. And this Sunday, April 3, Camila Cabello opened up to her fans on Instagram with an emotional post about her body self-image and said how receiving these comments has not been easy for her.

The singer was caught by paparazzi in a Miami beach club and the photos resulted, again, in unsolicited opinions about her body. In her post, she commented that whenever she goes to that spot they take photos of her:

“I’ve worn skimpy bikinis without thinking about how I looked, only to see photos and comments online and get really upset. When this impacted my self-esteem, I have reminded myself that I was thinking the thoughts of the culture, not my own. A culture that has normalized an idea of ​​what a ‘healthy’ woman looks like that is totally unrealistic for many”.

Camila goes on to say that, to remind herself of all this, she listens to podcasts, follows women with diverse bodies, who show their cellulite, stretch marks, swelling or fluctuations: “but still, I am a single woman in her 20s, in the middle of a promotional tour , and I want to look ‘good’”.

That’s why, he said, this time he went to the beach in a new outfit and spent the whole time flexing his muscles, sucking in his stomach, without smiling. “I thought I would look ‘good’ in the photos and that’s why I should be proud, but I’ve never felt worse at the beach.”

For her, getting closer to nature has always been a moment of relaxation and letting go, but this time she did not succeed. That’s why, in the end, she wonders:

“What is health if you are so obsessed with how your body looks that your mental health suffers? Who do I want to look attractive to? Am I even attractive to myself if I can’t even let go, relax and play in a beautiful day at the beach?

Definitely a post worth reading.

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