Camila Cabello feels vulnerable when paparazzi photograph her in a bikini: “I ran away”

Camila Cabello has revealed that she often feels vulnerable in her bikini when caught off guard by the paparazzi, admitting that she hid in the pool to escape the photographers.

Camila Cabello spoke about her recent photos that surfaced online last Saturday: the singer was paparazzi while taking a bath and chose Instagram to reveal that she feels vulnerable every time she is photographed wearing a bikini.

Every time I go to this beach club in Miami I get caught by the paparazzi, they know it and they photograph me checking in and I always feel super vulnerable and unprepared. I have worn very small bikinis in the past without thinking about my looks, then I saw the photos online and the comments and was so shocked“confessed Cabello.

This affected my self-esteem a lot … Photoshop, eating restrictively, exercising excessively, and choosing angles that make our bodies different from how they really are … these are all practices that are part of our culture and are wrong.“, added the singer of Senorita.

Camila Cabello, after seeing children playing next to her on the beach, admitted that she wanted to go back to feeling like herself at 7: “I wanted to be like them, happy, silly and free, without having to think about pulling in the belly. I escaped to the pool area where I hope the paparazzi can’t reach me, but they literally hide in the bushes sometimes, I’m exhausted“.

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