Camila Cabello: Camila Cabello is captured happy on the beach with a possible new conquest | Present

Camila Hair has been very active in recent months, so she decided to take a break on the beaches of Coral Gables in Floridawhere he looked incredibly happy and together with a mystery manwho presumably could be your new partner.

Through the social networksCamila shared with her fans that she was enjoying the sand, the sun, and the sea. What she didn’t reveal is that she spent the day with a handsome boy whose name is still unknown.

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Cabello and the boy with whom he was seen on the beach in Florida, took the opportunity to take a walk in the sand and also immersed themselves in the waters of the Atlantic, where he made sure that the algae that floated near them did not touch. to the singer.

Something that caught a lot of attention was that the mysterious boy has a great resemblance to Camila’s ex-partner, Shawn Mendezwith a similar complexion and very similar hair.

Camila’s new outing with the mystery man comes less than a month after rumors broke that she was dating Austin Kevitch, the founder of Lox Clubque is a “private dating app with high standards”.

Both were seen taking a night walk two weeks ago in Los Angeles and they also follow each other on Instagram, which led many to be surprised about the state of their relationship.

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So far the nature of their relationship is unknown, as well as the identity of the boy, and they may just be friends, added to the fact that Camila has not denied or confirmed any relationship with the mysterious man, the fans have not stopped mentioning the great resemblance to Mendez, so maybe he could be a love interest of the former Fifth Harmony member.

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