Camila Cabello and her message after her reunion with Shawn Mendes

Last January 6 Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes They had a reunion that softened the hearts of all their fans. After a few days of being seen together, the 24-year-old singer posted a message on social media of her explaining why she had been missing. Everything seems to indicate that Hair She hasn’t had such a bad time this vacation after ending her relationship with the interpreter of ‘Treat You Better’. Here we tell you all the details about that interesting message.

Did Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have a reunion?

Before I tell you about the message that Camila Cabello posted, we need to talk about the reunion he had with Shawn Mendes some days ago. After the news of her breakup in November 2021, the ex-partner had given no signs that they were still in contact. It was not until last January 6 that the pair of celebrities was seen walking her dog, the adorable Tarzan.

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They were seen walking the pet they still share in a park, which brought back many memories for fans of when Mendes and Hair they were still together. Some even thought that it was a reconciliation, but so far it seems that it was only a friendly encounter.

What did Camila Cabello say after her reunion with Shawn Mendes?

A few hours ago, the interpreter of ‘Havana’ had an iconic return to social networks after being inactive. She uploaded a total of four photos in different environments.

This was Camila Cabello’s message after her reunion with Shawn Mendes on January 6.

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One of them, in which she is posing in a bikini on a boat, wrote the following message: “I did not publish any photos because I was hashtag living life, but I was in the Dominican Republic, baby.” That explains why she had been missing for so many days and even after his reunion with his ex Shawn Mendes.

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